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APRIL 2010
Rearranged things yet again. :) I'm working on a series of articles for information on specific diseases, and that section is now up on top. Others have been rearranged in what I hope is a layout that makes a little more sense.


blob. SphynxCat: Anemia Overview -- NEW
blob. SphynxCat: Pica Basics
blob. SphynxCat: Porphyria -- NEW
blob. SphynxCat: Thyroid Disease 101
paw Sanguinarius: Depression
paw Sarasvati: Prions, Kuru, Cannibals and Sanguinarians -- NEW


blob. SphynxCat: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -- NEW
blob. SphynxCat: Circadian Rhythms Overview -- NEW
      blob. SphynxCat: Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome -- NEW
SphynxCat: Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome -- NEW
      blob. SphynxCat: Irregular Sleep-Wake Syndrome -- NEW
      blob. SphynxCat: Non-24 Sleep-Wake Syndrome -- NEW
      blob. SphynxCat: Shift Work Sleep Disorder -- NEW
blob. SphynxCat: Insomnia Basics
paw Sarah Dorrance: Dealing with Fatigue
Sasha: Vampirism and Chronotypes -- NEW


blob. SphynxCat: Basic Digestion Advice
blob. SphynxCat: Basics Of Food Allergies
blob. SphynxCat: Digestive / GI Problems: Disease Processes -- UPDATED/NEW
blob. SphynxCat: Digestive / GI Problems: Transient Issues -- UPDATED/NEW
blob. SphynxCat: Food Poisoning -- UPDATED
blob. SphynxCat: Stomach Troubles, General


blob. SphynxCat: Iron & Iron Deficiency, why most people *aren't* deficient
SphynxCat: Malnutrition: Protein Defiency -- NEW
blob. SphynxCat: Vitamin D Deficiency -- NEW


blob. SphynxCat: Keeping that youthful appearance as you get older
blob.  SphynxCat: Nutrition Regimen, Basic
blob. SphynxCat: Nutrition Regimen, Advanced (in testing)
blob. SphynxCat: Vitamins and Minerals
paw Sarasvati: Amino Acids information
paw Sarasvati: Coping With Heat and Cold


blob. SphynxCat: Abdominal Pain -- NEW
blob. SphynxCat: Fibromyalgia -- NEW
blob. SphynxCat: Joint Pain Overview -- NEW
blob. SphynxCat: Nightshades and Arthritis -- NEW
paw Sarah Dorrance: Migranes and how to deal with them


"Sun allergies are a widespread phenomenon, affecting in varying degrees 10-15% percent of the population."
     - John Epstein, MD, clinical professor of Dermatology, University of California School of Medicine

blob. SphynxCat: Dealing with Photosensitivity - General -- UPDATED
blob. SphynxCat: Dealing with Photosensitivity - Sunscreens -- NEW & UPDATED
blob. SphynxCat: Photosensitivity Causes, or "Why am I so damn photosensitive??"
blob. SphynxCat: Reducing Sun Poisoning & UV Damage
paw Nighthaven: Photosensitivity causes

USA's Daily UV Index Map maintained by National Weather Service; should be updated daily.
(If someone can point me to ones for overseas countries, I'll be happy to add them too.)
   Levels 0-2 = Typically over 60 minutes until skin damage ("0" = nighttime)
   Levels 3-5 = Typically 45 minutes until skin damage
   Levels 6-7 = Typically 30 minutes until skin damage
   Levels 8-10 = Typically 15 minutes until skin damage
   Levels 11+ = Typically less than 10 minutes until skin damage
(Times apply to mundane folks with light skin who don't tan. Timing varies by skin type.)

Map of UV index levels throughout the USA. Maintained by the National Weather Service, and should be updated daily.





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