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I have selected these books because the vampire characters are portrayed differently from the mainstream ideas "vampires are evil", "vampires always kill people" or the vampires with "angst! angst! angst! Woe is me!" attitudes. The vampires in these books are main or secondary characters, and thus have depth, background and - usually - are even portrayed as the GOOD guys, or at least working for the greater good even if they're not the most ideal heros.

I created this list for those who think "vampires can only be evil" because these examples of fictional vampires who are NOT purely evil. Since these are fictional works, the vampiric characteristics they have don't have much - or anything - to do with reality, however their personality and their behavior towards others (in otherwords, their social interactions) show that being a vampire doesn't make a person evil, and it does not mean they can't have friends. Author's names that are links go to websites with appropriate info about the author and/or the books in question where possible, choosing the most informative site I can find.

Please note: All the books listed here are ones I HAVE ACTUALLY READ! I do not list books because an author has sent me information about it or begged me to have it listed. I have specific character criteria in use for this list, and it will not be bent for ANYTHING that does not fit. Period.

If you are interested in books other than what's on this page, you can also check out Vyrdolak's From Shadowed Shelves bookstore which appears to be extremely thorough.


Arthen, Innana

Mortal Touch

Elrod, P. N.

Vampire Files Series (20's/30's "gumshoe" detective style)
   Art in the Blood  
   Fire in the Blood   
   Blood on the Water  
   A Chill in the Blood  
   The Dark Sleep  
   Lady Crymsyn
   Cold Streets
   Song in the Dark (due ????)  
Johnathon Barret Series
   Red Death
   Death and the Maiden  
   Death Masque  
   Dance of Death   
   Quincey Morris, Vampire  

Friedman, C. S.

Science Fantasy - Coldfire Trilogy
   #1 - Black Sun Rising  
   #2 - When True Night Falls
   #3 - Crown of Shadows  
Science Fiction
   The Madness Season  

Huff, Tanya

Henry Fitzroy series
   Blood Price
   Blood Trail
   Blood Lines
   Blood Pact
   Blood Debt

Hamilton, Laurell K.

Anita Blake series
   Guilty Pleasures
   The Laughing Corpse
   Circus of the Damned
   The Lunatic Cafe
   Bloody Bones
   The Killing Dance
   Burnt Offerings
   Blue Moon
   Obsidian Butterfly
   Narcissus in Chains
   Cerulean Sins
   Incubus Dreams

Killough, Lee

Garreth Mikaelian series
   Blood Hunt
   Blood Walk (Blood Hunt / Bloodlinks combined)
   Blood Games

Lackey, Mercedes

Children of the Night

Lichtenberg, Jacqueline

Luren books
   Those of My Blood

Nassaw, Johnathon

The World on Blood

Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn

St. Germain Books (Year story takes place, location if known)
   Better in the Dark (939-940, Saxon Germany) 
   Blood Games (816, Rome)
   Blood Roses (1345-1388, France & Black Plague)
   Borne In Blood (1817, Switzerland)
   Burning Shadows (430's, Hungary/Romania)
   Come Twilight (620-1100's, spain) 
   Communion Blood (1688-1698, Rome & Inquisition)
   Dangerous Climate, A (1704-1706, Russia)
   Dark of the Sun (536-545, China)
   Darker Jewels (1533-1586, Russian empire) 
   Feast in Exile, A (1398-1401, India/China)
   Hotel Transylvania (1743-1744, France) 
   Mansions of Darkness (1642-1649, Peru)
   Midnight Harvest (1936-1938's, Spain & America)
   Night Blooming (796-804, Gaul/Tours/Aachen)
   Palace, The (1490, Renaissance Florcence) 
   Path of the Eclipse (1216, China/Tibet/India) 
   Roman Dusk (218-220, Rome)
   Saint-Germain Chronicles, The (short stories) 
   States of Grace (1530-1532, Italy/Holland) 
   Tempting Fate (1917, Germany/Russia?)
   Writ in Blood (1910, Russia) 
Olivia Books
   Candle for D'Artagnan, A (1637-1673, France) 
   Crusader's Torch (1188-1214, Tyre/Rome)  
   Flame in Byzantium, A (545, Rome/Constantinople)
Madelaine Books
   In the Face of Death (1847-65, America)
   Out of the House of Life (1825-1828, Egypt) 

St. Germain Anthologies (Multiple stories in one volume, varying time periods)
   The Saint-Germain Chronicles
   Saint-Germain Memoirs




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