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A person can go through quite a bit of confusion when awakening, and has a lot of questions. This section may not answer all of them, but will (I hope) help towards understanding. A lot of what may appear to be abnormal will turn out to be, in fact, quite "normal", even for non-vamps. Especially since a lot of us go through awakening around puberty, when there are a whole lot of other changes going on, too.

I would personally be wary of anyone claiming to see a person's "true form" or be able to "diagnose" whether you're a vampire or some other form of otherkin, especially online. There are some unscrupulous folks out there than can, and will, attempt to exploit that interest - not hard to do, when people are new to this, nervous, and desperately seeking answers.

These are also diseases than can be commonly confused with vampirism. Some are rare, some are more common, some are very common. I heartily recommend having yourself checked medically (remember you don't have to mention the "V" word in order to have tests run - just describe your symptoms) to be sure whether or not you have any mundane ailments before thinking you're a vampire *just* because your eyes are sensitive to sunlight, for example - even a side effect of many drugs is photosensitivity. There may be a mundane reason you have these symptoms, and if it's something potentially nasty wouldn't you want to know before it kills or cripples you, rather than after? If you go in for a checkup, make sure you're not suffering from depression while you're at it...some depression is common among anyone, teenager or not, as long as it's not a suicidal or otherwise harmful depression. (This is not to say that the depression is normally *continual*, merely that it's normal to go through short periods of depression. i.e., "shit happens" or "Man, my Geometry test is coming up, I'm soooo going to flunk that! *stress, agonize*" etc.)


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