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Vampires In The Media: Interviews



Pin. Geraldo At Large: Real Life Vampires - Nov 2009
     Interviewees: Joe Laycock, Vlad and Sky

Pin.Discovery Channel - One Step Beyond - Oct 2008
     Interviewees: Katherine Ramsland, Don Henrie

Pin.National Geographic - Vampires: Is It Real - Oct 2007
     Interviewees: Don Henrie + segment on kidnapping/assault case

Pin.Living the Wiccan Life

Episode 4  [Part 1]  [Part 2] - Aug 2007
Interviewee: Michelle Belanger (part 2)
Episode 19  [Part 1]   [Part 2] - Dec 2007
Interviewee: Michelle Belanger (both parts)

Pin.Paranormal TV

Vampire Doctor - Dec 2007
Interviewee: Phillip Blackman
Real Life Vampire - Jan 2008
Interviewee: Catarina Coffin


Pin. KAPS Paranormal - The Truth About Modern Vampirism - November 11, 2009
      Interviewee: Joseph Laycock

Pin. KAPS Paranormal - Evening with a Vampire - September 13, 2009
     Interviewee: Zilchy

Pin.Esoteric Online Radio
     Interviewees: Don Henrie

Paracon 2008 - Part 1/2
Paracon 2008 - Part 2/2


Due to the insane amount of interviews in periodicals, this is a more selective list than others in this section.

Pin. YourTango - "How to Date a (Real-Life) Vampire" - October 22, 2009
     Interviewee: Joseph Laycock

Pin. - "V is for Voracious" - by staff writer Alexandra Zayas - Sunday August 16, 2009
     Interviewees: Even Christopher, Erik "Drakon" Arena, and others
     *** Video included as well ***

Pin. - "Exclusive Interview with Participants of the Global Vampire Community Discussion" - September 19, 2009
     Interviewees: Isealdor, Merticus, Zola Zimmerchild

Pin. TheoFantastique - "Joseph Laycock: Vampires Today" - August 25, 2009
     Interviewee: Joseph Laycock - "The Truth About Modern Day Vampires" - By Vivienne D'Avalon - October 2008
     Interviewee: Michelle Belanger - "Good Housekeeping, Vampire Style" - by Emilie J. Conroy - Oct 30, 2008
     Interviewee: Kate Blanche

Pin.ABC News - "Real-Life Vampires: Who Are They?" - by Ki Mae Heussner - Oct 31, 2008
     Interviewees: Anshar Seraphim, Katherine Ramsland, Merticus, E. Mark Stern - "Vampires: Fact Or Fiction?" - Nov 25, 2007
     Interviewees: Zero, Merticus

Pin.The Washington Post - "A Vampires Life? It's Really Draining" - Monica Hesse - Nov 24, 2008
     Interviewees: Selket, Michelle Belanger, Merticus, Sanguinarius


Note: These types of shows are almost never shining examples of open-minded journalism - usually these types of formats are designed mainly to shock and amuse using a "look at the freaks!" format, rather than to inform and educate. However, this section is here because these links feature known community members - just take a lot of what you see with a large bucket of salt. :)

Pin.Hannity's America, FOX Network - December 7, 2008
     Interviewees: Anshar Seraphim, Michelle Belanger
     (Sorry, old link died, looking for new ones)

Pin.Tyra Investigates: The Vampire Culture - Oct 31, 2008
     Interviewees: Don Henrie, Sarah Lester, Vampyra

     (Sorry, old links died, looking for new ones)

Pin.Maury Povich Show - Dec 5, 2008
Ghosts, Haunted Houses, Vampires...Caught On Tape!
Interviewee: Don Henrie

     Paranormal Maury part 1/5
     Paranormal Maury part 2/5
     Paranormal Maury part 3/5
     Paranormal Maury part 4/5
     Paranormal Maury part 5/5





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