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Vampires In The Media

The popularity of vampires as a media topic hasn't really changed over the years. What HAS changed, however, is how the media treats real vampires. In 2004, National Geographic ran the "Blood Rites" episode of their Taboo series - and was pretty much the first major documentary format to not compare us to serial killers, mass murderers, and the psycho of the week - in the same episode.

That seems to have opened the proverbial can of worms - Mad Mad House (a reality show, not a documentary) came after that, followed by more documentaries by the History Channel and A&E (2005 to 2007) that focused on us in a much more respectable light. In addition, numerous interview articles in magazines and other periodicals continue to reveal more aspects of the community - despite the assortment of fruitcakes and nutjobs on talk shows - along with the beginning of an explosion of self-created user videos on YouTube about real vampires and the vampire community.


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