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Before automatically deciding that you're a vampire, PLEASE get yourself checked out medically to make sure you don't have a real disease like Lupus, Porphyria, Celiac Syndrome or some other disease that can have similar characteristics (light sensitivity, food intolerance, etc.). Why? So you can get proper medical treatment, or at least find out if there's really a mundane cause behind all the problems you're having.

Minimum testing should include a CBC (Complete Blood Count) "with differential", and a Chem20/Complete Metabolic - this gives a general overview of health and basic organ status - any additional testing can be done once these results come back. Get copies of your labwork results and look up what each item is via LabtestsOnline so you have a good explanation of each one. (The site doesn't give the proper ranges because they vary by lab, but if you have copies of your results, the reference ranges will be included on the sheets.)

Many diseases - or drugs, prescription or otherwise - can give you similar "symptoms" such as sun sensitivity (Porphyria, Lupus, and many others), inability to eat many foods (Celiac Syndrome - gluten sensitivity - or Chron's disease, or even just influenza), excessive thirst (diabetes) and so on.

You don't have to mention "the V-word" to the doctor(s), only say that you've noticed <fill in the blank> problem(s) ("Gee doc, I've noticed I'm starting to sunburn more easily these days" or "Can you run a few tests and find out why whatever I'm eating just doesn't seem to agree with me as well anymore?" just as a couple examples) and you want to get yourself checked out to rule out the possibility of disease or drug-based side effects. Some diseases, left untreated, WILL eventually be fatal.


As vamps we need to feel we can talk to others and share what we believe with people who will listen. The newbies fall victim to people promising them things they can't give or can't do, while running the risk of becoming a statistic (rape, murder, theft, catching AIDS or other diseases, just to name a few) to the criminally minded by meeting someone they've *just* met a few days ago on the 'net but they feel "close to" or that "they can trust them because they know everything about me." Guess what? Most of that knowledge is either a lucky guess (based on social norms or psychological common factors - i.e., 99% of teenagers feel alienated at one point or another, chances are likely you will too, so talking about feeling alienated is a common factor) or they've been eavesdropping on your cordless or cellular phone conversations if they happen to live close by.

The only thing I can do is give you advice to search for yourself and compare personal experiences. Only YOU, personally, can find out who and what you are. Nobody else can do that for you. Nobody. There are no "quick fixes" or shortcuts because only you can decide what path best suits you. You make your own path to discovery.

In short, the only one you can truly trust - 100% - is yourself, despite what anyone else may say.


I use "blood vamp" and "psi vamp" as general terms - referring to the main feeding styles - because it makes what they refer to easy to distinguish. The primary goal of this site is to provide help and support; if I use nonspecific or ambiguous terms (no matter how interesting or "classy" or unique they are - and I'll admit I've seen some much more interesting terms than the ones I'm using) it makes it more difficult for inexperienced people to find what they need.

Yes there are vampires for whom both terms would be applicable, not just one. Articles geared specifically towards these types will likely be in the "general articles" section, but ones referencing specific feeding styles will be under the apropriate "blood vamp" and/or "psi vamp" sections as well, so feel free to look around.



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