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These are recommended for reasons OTHER than vampirism, so I would not recommend bring up "the v-word" with the people behind these sites. Commentary for each is under the link.

Doctor Yourself
I recommend this site because the stay-healthy philosophy at this site mirrors my own. This is one of the first "manage your own health" sites I ran across, and it has proved useful, both to me and others that I have referred to it, in the time since I discovered it. There are NO products for sale on this site, other than the webmaster's own books that he's written. He gives you advice and lets you decide what to do with it.

Vitamin D Council
Everything you ever wanted to know about vitamin D, all in one place. Why is it important? Well, if you're avoiding the sun like most vampires tend to do, you really NEED to be supplementing with this - so understanding WHY is extremely important!


My link recommendation policies:

#1 - Due to politicing and infighting going on within various groups of the community, I do not list sites for specific houses, orders, churches etc. on this page. Those new to dealing with vampirism have enough to learn to deal with without adding political infighting, backbiting and the notorious drama llama wars into the mix. I will still link from my site to individual articles on such group sites provided they are useful to the community as a whole.

#2 - On this page I will no longer link to sites that refuse to cover blooddrinking issues soley on the basis of concerns about the under-18 crowd. I'm being quite practical here because I understand that covering vampirism without mentioning blooddrinking issues - or worse, squashing such topics when they come up - is foolhardy at best. Having been a teenager myself (heh!) I know that teenagers will do what they want, out of view of the adults, if they really want to badly enough. I would rather they do so SAFELY than dangerously.


Blood & Coffee

Blood & Coffee - website by Misress Emilly.
Willing to bring alternate theories to light and not afraid to admit that true explanations are still unknown.


By Light Unseen

By Light Unseen - website by Vyrdolak.
One of the original sites that went online, it's undergone a name change, but still carries decent information.


Echoes of Night

Sanguinarian Research - by Sarasvati
Sarasvati is another medically-oriented person within the community and provides additional medical perspectives rather than going off info fantasy land.


Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page

The Vampire Support Page - website by Sanguinarius.

Like my site, Sangi's contains articles from many different people within the community to show various perspectives., for medically minded sanguinarians


The Red Cellar

The Red Cellar, for medically minded sanguinarians


The Vampire Network

The Vampire Network, for medically minded sanguinarians


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