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Once upon a time, in the early days online, site awards were given out quite regularly. These days, they're almost never given out, but I have chosen to keep the older ones here for sentimental reasons, and because I often enjoyed the comments that were given with the awards.


Gothic Iowegan:  "Holy Cookie of Iowegia"  &  "Silent" Award
Site Link -- Holy Cookie Graphic -- Silent Award Graphic

"...I appreciated the site's content and the sincere effort it represents. Far too many sites simply "front" for alternative purpose or seems to have axes to grind, and can't seem to disassociate their purpose from that. I was most pleased to see that your efforts do not fall into that particular trap :)  ~Belos"

DMOZ / Open Directory:  "Open Directory Cool Site Award" -- 2001
DMOZ Site Category Link   --   (Wayback Archive)   --   Award Graphic

"This is to inform you that the website has been designated a Cool Site in the ( Open Directory section: Society/People/Otherkin/Vampires."

"I simply wanted to commend you for your wonderful resource by marking this site as an "editor recommended" site. It's a wonderful resource and you do a great job keeping it live, updated, and validated. Thanks. -M"


~~~ Awards either no longer being given out, or the originating site is dead ~~~ "Aquilus Award of Vampire Perfection"
(Wayback Archive) -- Award Graphic

"Sorry it took me so long to get this to you. I try to put off sending out awards until I have a few submissions to go through. Anyway, I really enjoyed your site and have been a visitor on and off for a few years now. Keep up the great work! ~Melissa"

AvatarSearch:  "Mystic Site of the Web Award of Excellence"
 Award Graphic

(Well, whaddya know... I never got an email for this, but happened to see my site listed under the award winners as I was browsing the site, so it's very cool anyway... ~Sphynx)

Darkness Embraced:  "Link Of The Month Award" - July 2002
Site Link   --   (Wayback archive)   --   Award Graphic

"I would most definitely recommend this site. :o) Which is why I am informing you that your site has been selected from the f.f.a. links at Darkness Embraced for the “link of the month” award for July 2002. I am impressed with your site’s correlativity and assistance to those searching for guidance in the area of what a real vampire truly is. It is truly one of the most prominent gateways of Real Vampire knowledge on the net in which I hope will remain upon the net for years to come."

Memory & Dream:  "Guiding Angel Award For Arcane Knowledge"
Site Link   --   (Wayback archive)   --   Award Graphic

"This wonderful site insipired me to create an entirly new award catagory...She has the best up-to-date and working links out there on all flavors of vampiric information. She has broken her links down into catagory and subcatagory so one can find exactly what it is they are looning for. Until this point in time, I had required all my winners to maintain the content personally, but the quality of this site made me realize a resource and reference site is just as vaulable as any other. Additionally, her site is made for any and all browsers/configurations/operating systems. No pesky Javascripting errors. Also check out her personal writings and rants"

"This award was inspired by SphynxCat's page which proved to me that a reference/resource site could be as wonderful as any other."

Taatunigma:  "Companion Site Award"
Award Graphic

"I have enjoyed very much the info on your site, and to show my appreciation, I have decided to award you with an award...You deserve it!!!"

The Coven Organization:  "Light In The Darkness" Award (2004)
(Wayback Archive) -- Award Graphic

"Your site has been awarded the Light in the Darkness Award. Sites like yours are an inspiration and truly represent the spirit of the Internet. Not many people have the courage to tackle such a monstrous task as offering help and knowledge to fledgelings. It's comforting to know that with sites like yours, one can feel that he or she is _NOT_ alone out there ... and that there is, indeed, a light in the proverbial darkness....  ~Nitallica"

Tiamatu:  "Awakened Award for Excellent Real Vampire Support and Information Sites"
Award Graphic

"Award from The Awakened for excellent real vampire information and support sites"

Vamp Ire:  "Vamp Ire's Cool Site Award"
Award Graphic

"I LOVE your site! I just got back from vacation and I want to offer you my Vamp Cool Site award."  "Gold Award for Excellence in a Dark Site"
Award Graphic

"Thank you for applying to win the Vampire Site website award! I have taken the time to review your site, and I have chosen to give your site our Gold Award, the highest award our site offers. Your website has excellent layout, navigation, content and graphics, and was an absolute pleasure to visit! You have an excellent resource for real vampires, and I applaud you for your efforts to educate both real vampires and the general public. Yours is definitely one of the best real vampire websites on the internet, and your site is a wonderful example of the high standards we set for our gold award winners. ~Stephanie"

(From the Winners List page: "This page is an excellent resource for the real vampire community, as well as the general public. Includes TONS of information about real vampires, awakenings, the vampire lifestyle, and so much more. With excellent layout and navigation, as well as overall design, we highly recommend this page.")

Sanguinarius:  "The Bloody Cheers Award"
Award Graphic

"This is a new site (August 1999), put up by SphynxCat...It has sections with resources for blood vamps, psi vamps, blood/psi vamps as well as general psionics; links to message boards, e-lists, articles, FAQs about different types of vampires, and information. I like it because it's well-organized, useful and has easy navigation to find the info that one is looking for."


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