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Linkbacks List:
List of sites linking to me, broken down by categories. Want to see your site's name on that list? Put up a link to my site and let me know! These are primarily text links; they are easier for search engines to travel.

My Banners:
If you wish to link back to me, here are text-link instructions as well as banners if you wish to use one or more of those instead to link to me. Please read the instructions with each banner - just copy/pasting the demo code directly will result in a broken image, but a working link.

Recommended Links:
These are sites that, in my travels, I have found particularly worthwhile and often recommend to other people. These sites are all solo operations, only run and maintained by a single person, and not as part of a larger "House"/organization/etc. I no longer list groups of any sort as there are too many interpretations of group policy, depending on a person's experience with the group.

Sites on this page will also have their site banner next to their link.


Webrings by Navbars:   Javascript recommended to view the rings; there is a no-javascript link if you need it
This is the page that lists any ring using the actual "Webring" system. No other ring systems are included on this page. This has all the graphics and layouts as each ringmaster has designed it. So... be warned. Some of them are really nice to look at, some are downright UGLY, and some have broken code.

Webrings by Text:
These are text versions of ALL the rings I am part of - Webring as well as other systems such as Ringsurf. These are in text format for accessibility reasons, so that people who are color blind or visually impaired have a chance of navigating the rings from my site, and so that people don't have to attempt to navigate via broken code.

My Support Ring:
This is the signup page for my own vampire support ring. Currently, this is using Ringsurf. If you choose to submit your site to the ring, then be sure to include the ring code on your page where I can find it. Also, read the requirements - anyone who's site does NOT fit the purpose of the ring will be deleted from the queue.

My Other Rings (Webring system):
This is a list of information regarding the other rings that I own. There are links with each description to the actual "join" page. For these you MUST have a webring ID to join the ring.


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