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Internet Shortcuts
None of my ops are under the age of 21. That means they are all adults, and have to live and work in the Offline World. Thus, "internet shortcuts" are strongly DIScouraged from use in my channel, in the interest of being able to communicate AND be understood by everyone you're talking to.

Whether you get kicked for using interent shortcuts will depend on how obnoxious you are about using them. I leave that decision in the hands of my ops and I will back their decision.

Why aren't there more people?
I am running a *support* channel, not a popularity contest. I am on IRC because it's accessible to the widest range of computer systems. I will not move to a different network - much less anywhere that's not IRC - just to get more people. If you don't like that the channel doesn't always have a lot of people in it, then find a different channel or network to chat in - there's plenty out there.


It is expected that EVERYONE has read these rules!
Ignorance of the rules is no excuse, and no excuses will be tolerated. All but one are simply common sense.

A/S/L type requests are discouraged
Due to the nature of the subject matter usually involved, requests for personally identifying information are extremely discouraged. People persisting in harassing people with A/S/L type requests after they have been asked to stop will be booted on the basis that they are obviously just there to find ways to get laid. :P

Newbie alert
If you're new to the world of real vampires, READ THE FAQ'S FIRST - most of the newbie questions will be answered in one or more of them. If you ask questions known to be covered by the FAQ's, don't be surprised if you just get responses along the lines of "Read the FAQ pages ".

Channel behavior
Don't bring your V:TM roleplaying activities here - there's plenty of other channels to do that in, this is not one of them. Don't act like an idiot, troll, twink, troublemaker, etc. A visitor should not feel that they are not welcome. And above all, don't cause trouble in other channels while in mine. I don't care what your age is, but if you can't act in a mature, reasonably adult manner, then perhaps you should rethink whether you want to stay in my channel.

Real vampire / vampire support topics take PRIORITY over general chit-chat
If a realvamp topic comes up and you still want to chit-chat, take it to private /msg or a different channel. Don't let general chit-chat drown out support requests.

Please note that I'm not saying generic chat-chat is not otherwise welcome - far from it! Only that support topics take priority. Also note that many of my OPs are geeks too. :) Computer/Tech conversations will probably be common, along with geek humor. If you don't understand geek humor, simply ask for an explanation - don't take your frustrations at not understanding the joke out on people in the channel. If you don't like the contents of the link you just clicked, then perhaps you should read the link first rather than blindly clicking.

Courtesy and Decency
Treat others with courtesy and decency. No matter how much you may disbelieve someone, it does not give you reason to abuse them or otherwise be nasty to them. This applies to both sides of the fence! If in doubt, ask first - if they're using V:TM terms to refer to reality it may simply be because they have no other frame of reference. Be courteous about other's worldviews, even if you don't understand or agree with them.

Obeying the OPs
This should be simple and self-explanatory. :)

Begging For OPs
No begging/asking/pleading for OPs. *I* choose the OPs, and they're not based on seniority or attitude either in channel or online, and they're definitely not based how what or how many channels you already have OPs in.

Astral Baby / Battles / Sex / Relationships
 None of these conversations in my channel please...There are other channels were people are willing to discuss astral activities in more depth. I've seen enough of these particular astral convos that degenerated enough to make me wonder if I stepped into a soap opera - I do NOT want that in my channel!

Yes, this is a subjective request on my part concerning this particular range of topics. Deal. :P


Acting like an idiot / troll / troublemaker / twink / drama queen / attention whore / etc., asking obviously stupid questions without paying attention to the answers given repeatedly falls into this category as well. Same with dragging people in from other channels just to harass people in mine. Repeatedly referring to the same stuff over and over again, or saying "nobody will understand" - while making vague references to a "mysterious topic" for the umpteenth time - is one example of being a drama queen or attention whore.

People who are known troublemakers who I know have been banned from other channels for what I know is a damn good reason will also be banned from this one. No exceptions. Differences of opinion are one thing, being a troll in other channels is inexcusable.

Being nasty to my OPs - the OPs I have are ones I trust. They know their way around a keyboard, and have a brain. You won't be able to play "This op was being an asshole to me first" with me, I won't deal with it because I DO back my ops. :P

Drowning out vamp support or realvamp topics with general chit-chat after being asked to stop or take it to another channel or window. The object is to make people needing help to feel welcome and feel that they can ask the questions that they need to.

Persistently breaking the rules or finding ways to work around the rules (a/k/a being a "rules lawyer").

Being an online predator. You *will* be found out. You *will* be perm-banned. :P




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