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There is, as always, a code of acceptable conduct on all message boards and in IRC. The following is usually a good place to start (Most IRC channels will have their own rules; mine can be found in the menu above):

  • DO be considerate of other's viewpoints - if everyone thought the same thing, there wouldn't be any need for discussion, would there?
  • DO respect everyone else's beliefs and faiths. Recognize that a given individual's method of worship or belief is what they feel works for them. You don't have to follow it, agree with it, or even like it. Just respect that it's their choice.

  • DO "agree to disagree" if you don't like someone's viewpoint - don't attack the individual just because you don't like the post. Rather, stick to the topic. Allegations of one's parental validity have NO bearing on whether or not someone knows xyz item about such-and-such topic.
  • DON'T be a troll (trolls are generally abusive: spam, verbal assaults, bad attitudes...)

  • DON'T post inappropriate material (make $$ fast schemes, etc)

  • DON'T post personals adverts if it's not a personals board or channel! I have a list of personals pages, use them.

  • DON'T ram your faith's beliefs down anyone else's throat - they won't appreciate it, and if you're annoying enough, you may convince other people that share your faith to look elsewhere.

  • DON'T even think of trying to tell everyone "you're all going to <insert nasty destination of choice here>!" - that's usually a fast ticket to getting banned.

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