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V5, K17, and other popular vampire media myths

So, you've heard about the "V5" virus and/or the "K-17" virus and want to know if there's any truth? Sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is "No." They were both created as promotional material for both a TV show (which I have seen and can verify firsthand) and a movie (which I haven't gotten found - yet - but plan on it.) I hadn't posted anything on my site about these sooner because I didn't have the links until I saw them over on Drink Deeply & Dream's original EZBoard forums.

K-17/RV17-KB (a virus from the Reign In Darkness movie (Australia, 2001) )

The "K17 / RV-K17" virus was part of promotional material for an Australian movie called "Reign in Darkness", in 2001. You an see the Wayback machine's archive for the character pages of Michael Dorn, Gage, Dr. Swift, and Lance as well as the plot summary and the movie's fictional theory. Note the name of "RapidFire Productions Pty Ltd" at the bottom - they're a movie company. (Yes, that's two different links.)

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    This movie is very much a "shoestring" budget flick. Interesting concepts, but the acting is meh - overboard at some points, underboard in others - great for your local "bad movie night". :)

V5/VRH-5 (A virus From the Ultraviolet TV series (England, 1998) )

The "V5 virus" was part of promotional material for a BBC-4 series called "Ultraviolet" back in 1998. (No, this is NOT the recent American movie.) You can read the developer's website, or the IMDB entry if you are having doubts. It actually was NOT a virus in the show! Just a means to identiy vampiric persons - it was referred to as "Code 5" when spoken in dialogue. If you can find it, it is highly recommended as being worth the time to watch. View the plot synopsis and details.

I have personally seen all six episodes, and recommend it very highly. Story quality is excellent, and I love how it keeps you guessing until the very end!

TrueBlood TV Series (USA, 2007 - ?)

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  • HBO PR site

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    This TV show is based on Charlaine Harris' "Southern Vampire mysteries" series of books featuring Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress who comes off in the TV series far too much like a blonde bimbo. (She's less bimbo-y in the books, thankfully.) "TruBlood" itself is a fictional blood substitute product. Key word: FICTIONAL.

    Terms used in this series include: TruBlood and Fangbanger.
    Website names associated with this series are:, TruBlood, Bloodcopy, American Vampire League, Fellowship of the Sun, Lovebitten, TrueBeverage, as well as a Trueblood wiki on the HBO site itself. Note that these are VERY SPECIFICALLY associated with the tv series, and have nothing to do with reality, despite some (from this community's perspective) shady marketing techniques on the part of the advertising firm.

    The marketing firm associated with TruBlood show related advertising is CampFire NYC, they seem to be particularly good at doing "viral marketing" campaigns. Mention has been made of TruBlood vending machines actually being set up (but always empty), and trucks being driven around with the TruBlood logo on them. I will admit, I've enjoyed a good giggle at some of the bad puns they've come up with... :)

Twilight Saga movie series (USA, 2008, 2009, 2010)


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