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FAQ: What do real vampires look like?


No different than anyone else you know. Sure, there's a few who push the "freak" boundaries and dress for shock value, but then there's the opposite end too - those of us who hold down corporate type jobs need to dress to match the business world we're working in with both clothing and hairstyles. As an example, I have several mid-level management appropriate business suits in my closet, even if my current workplace is business casual. (I have worked day shift, it's just not fun.)

Could you pick any of us out in a crowd? Very doubtful. Maybe around Halloween, but you'd be just as likely to get a "false positive" by picking out a mundane who's decided to dress in what they see as a vampiric manner that day or night, or someone who's dressing "goth style" for going out to a club. Same with role-playing game conventions - White Wolf's "Vampire: The Masquerade" game is very popular, and unfortunately, most players who do "live role-play" style gaming think running around half naked (I'm conservative, I find I get less sunburn if I don't expose much skin...) and wearing cloaks makes great vampire characters. Oh yea, like that really follows the "masquerade" and blends in with the non-vamps, uh huh, riiiiiiight. *rolls eyes* And then they wonder why people spot their characters as being vampires. Gee, big surprise...

*cough* Anyway... You're probably wanting to know what's in my wardrobe, right? T-shirts, lots and lots of them. I do shop at Hot Topic, but what I get these days is mainly the smart-ass T-shirts."I didn't escape, they gave me a day pass" being one of them. :) Jeans, both blue and black. Business casual wear - polo shirts, dress shirts, vests, turtlenecks, business-appropriate slacks and business appropriate (dark colors, subtle patterns) sweaters. Sneakers, sensible shoes, and really comfortable sandals.. Coats? Long, warm, color mostly irrelevant (No pink, no brown, no pastels, otherwise anything goes) and very very practical. That's about 90% of mine. (The other 10% is stuff like business suits and Halloween costumes - things that are only worn for specific purposes.)

What's in your wardrobe? Probably very similar clothing (maybe not the same smart-ass T-shirts...), although if you're like most people, you probably don't have more than one or two Halloween costumes, if you have any at all. :)


No, it's from avoiding the sun, or the genetic "luck of the draw" (or a combination of both). :) Anyone who normally avoids the sun tends to become more pale - the same reason the average person's tan fades in the winter, unless they visit a tanning salon. It's particularly prone among people who work night shifts (whether afternoon-to-late-evening OR "graveyard" overnight shifts), since their shifts and sleeping habits can conflict with when they would otherwise go out during the day if they were working day shifts. Being rigorous about applying good quality high-SPF sunblock also contributes - You won't burn as fast, and it also reduces the tanning potential.

Not that I think that's a bad thing, really.... :)


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