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Common Questions of the Newly Awakened
Scarlet Moon Org

The original site this came from is long gone, so this has been rescued from the Wayback Machine.
The views here are those of the author, and are presented for archival purposes.
I have made layout changes, but otherwise left the grammar alone. ~Sphynx


1) How do I know who to tell about this?

There are no hard or fast rules on this subject, you'll have to decide on your instincts and how well you know the person you want to tell. People can be quite surprising sometimes. Personally I prefer not to tell my friends that I'm a vampire but they often accuse me of being a vampire jokingly cos of my nocturnal habits, etc. It can be hard sometimes having to deny my nature to them but I don't trust telling them because of their attitudes to the subject in general. Testing peoples reactions to the existence of real vampires before actually telling them is often a good idea I think. However things can sometimes be taken out of your control, i.e., they guess what you are (rare but it does happen!) or they find out some other way. For example, one of my friends decided to find my website after I refused to tell him what it was about. When he discovered it he decided to leave a message in my guestbook. I found it and was extremely angry and worried, angry because he had looked for my site against my expressed wishes, and worried because he might not want anything to do with me cos he thought I was a nutter. So I phoned him and we talked. He apologised for what he had done, but more surprisingly he believed I was a vampire. Since then he has offered to become a donor. Basically, you never can tell for certain who will believe you when you tell them this sort of thing. Take your time, test the ground first and be aware of the reaction you might recieve. Also be aware that they might ask for proof.

2) Where can I get help from?

See answer to question 8....

3) Can I trust my parents? Parents don't react well to finding out that their darling child has taken to drinking other peoples blood. Some refuse to have anything further to do with their vampire child but many will think that you need to see a psychiatrist or even worse, have you committed to a mental hospital. I don't know anyone who has been honest with their parents and not regretted having done so. I haven't told my parents and have no intentions to do so. Sorry!

4) What do I do next?

To start with you have to accept what you are, it cannot be changed and denying it will only bring you heartache and grief. As you come to terms with what you are take the time to make friends with other vampires, either through message boards or personals. Don't be afraid to ask questions, real friends will be happy to help no matter how stupid you think the question is. Explore the online community, there is alot of information out there that can be both helpful and confusing. Then ask more questions*grins*.

5) How can I be sure about what I'm thinking?

I think deep down in yourself you know whether this is for real or if you are just kidding yourself. There are no tests that can be done to prove if you really are a vampire but there are indicators. A better sense of hearing, night vision and smell. Sudden attacks of the Hunger with a great desire for blood. Ability to finish people's sentences and preguess what they are going to do next (empathic abilities) Better resistance to disease, slightly stronger than the norm. There are other smaller details but these are general indicators.

6) Are there any self-styled vampire hunters out there who actively seek out blood drinkers?

Unfortunately yes, which begs the question,who is sicker? Those who drink blood from willing donors or those who think they have a right to kill those who do. This is worse in America though, there are very few in this country.

7) What should I do if I can't resist the need for blood?

If you really can't resist the need for blood and you have no donors,then as a last resort drink your own blood, it'll take the edge off. You can also try eating black pudding or drinking animal blood from a butcher/supermarket meat. This is a last resort only.

Note: Drinking your own blood, also called auto-vampirism, does not do any good in the long run and is generally not recommended these days. It may take the edge off at that particular moment, but the Thirst tends to come back worse than before when it wears off. ~Sphynx

8) Are there any organisations that I can join?

To start with there is the organisation that I run called The Scarlet Moon [Now defunct ~Sphynx] It is run to help vampires in the UK find each other, make friends, offer advice and services to anyone who wants it and in the future organise events so we can get together. It's an organisation which exists in the real world as well as online. There are no other organisations for real vampires in this country, everything else is based in America.

9) How should I find a donor?

Finding donors can be a difficult process. If you are lucky you might find a friend who will be willing to offer their blood otherwise try using the vampire personals. It will take time so be patient.

If you wish to pursue this option, I have a list of personals sites. ~Sphynx

10) What should I do if I find a possible donor?

Before you consider feeding from them make sure they've had a blood test for HIV, hepatitis and syphilis. Don't take risks. When you do feed make sure that your donor is happy with what you are doing. For more info on feeding visit the page on feeding techniques.


This article is presented as part of an ongoing effort to present other views outside of, as well as within, the online vampire community. As such, the views and attitudes contained in this article are entirely those of the author(s), and may not necessarily be shared by SphynxCatVP. The webmaster is not under obligation to update or otherwise keep current the contents of this article. Most importantly, only you can decide for yourself whether this article or any of the author(s) other views are useful or applicable to you - use your own reasoning and judgment.

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