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Echoes Of Night FAQ

1. Do you have fangs?
Nope. I can only assume that it is like with other people, some normals people have fangs and some don't.
2. Do you bite the necks of your victims?
First, I have no "victims" I have donors who volunteer to give me some of their blood, I don't go out and attack people. As for the neck thing, no to that as well. Since I have no fangs, I have to use a blade or knife, people don't take well to having their throat slit. I avoid the neck completely, too hazardous.
3. Do you HAVE to drink blood?
The argument has been made that we don't need blood to live. And, I believe, this is true... in a manner of speaking. Think of it this way: You have a headache. The headache won't kill you, but it sure hurts like hell, doesn't it? (Think migrane). Now, you can wait the headache out and it might go away on its own, or you can take a medication and it will be gone in a much shorter time. Blood is like the medication, and the headache the condition. The medication makes the pain go away. You know the headache/craving will be back. But why suffer it when you can take medication/blood? Also, unlike the headache, however, this pain doesn't go away as far or as well if one "waits it out".
4. How often/ How much do you drink?
This varies depending on several things...length of time since last drink, stress, what coping mechanisms I have used etc. The average time/amount, though is 2-3 tablespoons every two weeks. This keeps me content and with in the realm of stability without putting undo pressure upon my donor or the local steak house :)
5. Will you turn me?
Once, twice and a thousand times the answer will still be no. "Turning" is a Hollywood invention. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't. For more on why please go to: So You Want to be a Sanguinarian...
6. I have some of the characteristics of a sanguine/ I one?
I don't know. I have several people write and ask me this. I am not a doctor and I cannot "diagnose" you as yes or no... nor will I. I present the information I know and leave it to you to decide. It is not my place to make the decision for you. I wish there were a simple test that would say yes or no, but there is not, therefore if you ask me this, I will tell you what I have already said and tell you to look inside yourself for the answer, because I can't give it.
7. How do I know you aren't just another "poser"?
You don't. The wonder of the 'net it relative anonymity, the down side is that anyone can say anything. I will tell you that I am not a poser, but it is your choice to believe me or not. If you do, good, if you don't, fine... just please don't write to me and tell me so. It might make you feel better, but it won't change what or who I am at all.
8. Will you turn me?
Blast it all! NO!
9. What can you tell me about psi-vamps?
Nothing. I am not very learned on that end of things, so I would suggest instead looking at the psi-vamp pages online.
[You can also try my Psi-Vamp section. ~Sphynx]
10. Do you know any sanguins in {insert city/state/location/country/providence/planet here}?
One, probably not, I don't know that many, and two, those I do know would not appreciate me handing out there location. Therefore, I wouldn't tell you. Sorry, but thats the way it is. I don't know you any better then you know me... and if I am not going to give you where I live, chances are pretty slim I am going to tell you where another person is.
11. Do sanguinarians kill?
Like all living things sanguinarians are capable of killing, but do not have to. We do not need so much blood as we would have to kill a person or animal (unless the animal was very small, like gerbil sized or smaller). This is also often where a distinction between sanguinarians and cannibals can be made... Cannibalism pretty much always involved the death of the person being "fed" off of, sanguins do not have to kill.
12. I am doing a research paper on vampires, will you help?
As I would help any who would write me for information. I ask that you first look thoroughly through these pages and read the FAQ first, however, as I cannot repeat my entire page in e-mail form. This would waste both your time, and my own. If you have any questions after that, however, feel free to write and I will answer if I know the answer. I will not however, give the location of other sanguins, my own address, nor any information which I feel may endanger another. I also ask that I be given some credit in the work for the help I provide, and a copy (e-mailed is fine) of the work when complete. Also, realize that any information I give for a report on vampires, will actually be based on sanguinarians. "Vampire" is used only because it is the first thought that comes to most peoples mind after a sanguin mentions they drink blood. I really despise the term, and don't like to call myself a "vampire".
13. Are you really a vampire??
In the Webster Dictionary or Hollywood sense of the word, no. I am not undead and come out only at night to suck the blood of the living with my bite causing my victim to become a vampire. I do not prey on and exploit men, either. This is why I prefer the term "sanguinarian" over vampire. The difficulty is that usually if you mention to someone that you drink blood the first thought on their part is "Are you a vampire?" therefore, the label has a somewhat sticky nature :P
14. I'm a slayer! And I am going to come hunt you down and destroy you!
That's nice :) *jots down the IP number that comes with the e-mail/posting, traces it, writes down that information, reports the threat and saves all the information into her "special" folder* Should anything happen to me, my friends know right where to find that folder... and I'm sure the police will be glad to come looking for you...
15. You're not a vampire! I know vampires and you aren't one...etc. etc.
Also under this heading: Does the clan know your are doing this? Real vampires don't make web pages. Prove it. and others along the same lines. First of all, I won't/can't "prove it" to you. I personally don't care if you believe me or not. It's not my concern. I say that at the very beginning. (But, of course, I know most of you who send me these type of e-mails don't GET past the first page and seldom bother to actually *gasp* read the FAQ!) To the rest of the "accusations", I try to tell you through the ENTIRE page that I do not consider myself a "vampire" in the way the term has come to mean and this is exactly the reason I utterly despise the term. It causes no end of complications (see #13). So, in short, I have no clan, I answer to myself, and if you have to write me an e-mail like that, this page isn't for you anyway.
16. I had this dream where there were vampires... does that make me one/what does it mean?
I don't know. I am not well read in dream analysis, and so tend toward the idea of "a dream is a dream". If you had a dream where you were surrounded by giant pink porcupines and they were chanting at you, and one bit you, that does not mean you are going to turn into a giant pink porcupine... same for dreams of vampires. The giant pink porcupine can reappear in your dreams as many times as it wants and say you are part of them, but I truly doubt you will ever wake up and suddenly find yourself a giant pink porcupine. However, if you really want to know more about your dream then email Lady Duck Tape
17. Are you ever going to put up a page or part of your page for psi/psy vamps?
Nope. I am not a psi-vamp, and sorry to say, don't have the time or memory capacity currently to learn. I have nothing against them, I just don't have the time or energy to learn so much about something that is not so highly relevant to me as sanguinarianism.
18. Once you are a vampire, you can't do a bunch of stuff you used to, huh?
Bullship. If you used to do it before, you can still do it now.
19. How do you know its not Psychosomatic? How do you know its not an addiction?
Please read Psychosomatic? I Think Not!
20. Is Sanguinarianism a religion?
No. It is not a religion or faith but a condition.

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