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January 2011

  • New article: Blood: Nutritional and Common Uses Around the World added to Support --> Bloodvamps
  • Added Article: A Bit of Advice added to Support --> Donors

September 2010

  • New article: Irregular Sleep-Wake Syndrome added to Support --> Health
  • New article: Non-24 Sleep-Wake Syndrome added to Support --> Health
  • New article: Shift Work Sleep Disorder added to Support --> Health

August 2010

  • New article: Porphyria added to Support --> Health
  • Split Gut/GI Complaints article into two: Digestive / GI problems: Disease processes, and Digestive / GI Problems: Transient Issues. Updated links and cleaned up text.
  • Updated / reorganized the Food Poisoning article under Support --> Health
  • Added: Zaar's Pseudo Blood Recipe under Support --> Bloodvamps
  • New article: Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome added to Support --> Health
  • Added: Giselle's article The Act under Support --> Donors
  • Updated the forums page
  • Added: Sebastian DeCavalier's article Awakening To Confusion to Support --> Awakening
  • Added: Sebastian DeCavalier's Article Information For the Newly Awakened to Support --> Awakening
  • New article: Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome added to Support --> Health

July 2010

  • Added LadyCG's article: Of Trains and Tunnels and What's at the End to Support --> Anecdotes
  • New article: Abdominal Pain added to Support --> Health
  • New article: Group Magick and Egregores added to Support --> Psi Other (for now)
  • New article: Vitamin D Deficiency added to Support --> Health
  • New article: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome added to Support --> Health
  • New article: Fibromyalgia added to Support --> Health
  • New article: Nightshades and Arthritis added to Support --> Health

June 2010

  • Added new article: Circadian Rythms Overview to Support --> Health
  • Added Isealdor's article: Vampire Ethics to Support --> Donors
  • Added Isealdor's article: Shielding Around Vampires to Support --> Psi Defense
  • Added new article: Malnutrition: Protein Deficiency to Support --> Health
  • Added new article: Dealing with Photosensitivity - Sunscreens to Support --> Health
  • Added new article: Sunscreens to Support --> Health
  • Cleaned up and updated various articles in the Health and FAQ sections
  • Added Sarasvati's article: Animal Blood to Support --> Bloodvamps
  • Added Sarasvati's article: Prions, Kuru, Cannibals and Sanguinarians to Support --> Health

May 2010

  • Added Gorath's article "Hidden Truths of the Hidden" to Support --> Otherkin
  • Added new article: Anemia Overview to Support --> Health
  • Added new article: Joint Pain Overview to Support --> Health
  • Updated Interact --> Second Life
  • Added Sangi's article on Depression to Support --> Health
  • Added cynsanity's rant on Psychological? Research Before Implying... to Support --> Bloodvamps
  • Added cynsanity's article on Bloodwine, Improved to Support --> Bloodvamps
  • Updated About --> Sphynx Around Town

April 2010

  • Added new article: Pica Basics to Support --> Health
  • Added new article: Thyroid Disease 101 to Support --> Health
  • Rearranged Health section to put things in a more logical order
  • Added new article: Iron & Iron Deficiency to Support --> Health
  • Added Giselle's article: "Why I Became A Donor" to Support --> Donors
  • Added Myrbree's article: "Difference Between Want and Need" to Support --> Awakening
  • Added diss' article: "What Does It Feel Like?" to Support --> Donors
  • Added Sarasvati's article: "Bloodletting" to Support --> Donors
  • Added diss' article: "dessert" to Support --> Donors

February 2010

  • Added new section: Support --> Donors
  • Added new articles to Donor section; moved some existing articles there too
  • Added Sasha's article on Vampirism and Chronotypes to Support --> Health
  • Added Sasha's article on Varieties of Vampirism Revisted to the FAQ pages
  • Added Sasha's article on Hybrid Theory to the FAQ pages
  • Added LadyCG's article One Sanguinarian's View on Bloodfeeding to Support --> Bloodvamps

December 2009

  • Swapped out old translator buttons for new translator pulldown
  • Added LadyCG's article on Second Stage to the Support --> Anecdotes
  • Cleaned up and updated the Health section in preparation for new articles
  • Added article on Understanding Insomnia to Support --> Health
  • Added Merticus's article on Problems in the Community to Support --> General Essays


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