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Zaar's Pseudo Blood Recipe
Belfazaar Ashantison

**This recipe is to help calm the cravings that I get when I am needing a good sanguine feed. No more. No less. It is NOT a substitute for the living energy contained within the blood**


1 large can of tomato juice  [something close to 64oz size? ~Sphynx]

1 half gallon of OJ with LOTS of pulp (I will explain this later)

2 larger bottles of red food color

1 small bottle of blue food color

12 crushed iron tablets *yes, it is a lot of iron, however with the mix you only drink a bit each day*
     [25mg pills, so 12 x 25 = 300mg for the batch.]

18 crushed base amino tablets (such as L-lysine or the like)

Salt to taste… Remember!! Do not over salt, real blood has a minor salt content…


This is best mixed in a gallon container (not a milk jug… more like one of those plastic tea pitchers)

1st Drain half of the liquid from the OJ leaving half of the liquid with ALL (or as much of) the pulp. The reason for using the pulp is to help simulate the thickness of blood, also acts kind of like a clotting agent, which adds to the illusion.

Mix in all the other ingredients, EXCEPT for the blue food color. This will be added last. Allow the ingredients to sit for at least an hour in the refrigerator. Remove the pseudo blood and begin to add drops of the blue food color to darken the bright red to a more blood-like crimson (or to a color YOU perceive is blood-like)… This too adds to the illusion and aids the sanguinary vampire in curbing his craving.

Return to the refrigerator for another hour. This allows the iron tablets and the base amino to more readily move through your concoction giving the pseudo blood that ‘coppery tang’ that real blood has.


I tend to place mine in a coffee cup and stick it in the microwave to warm it to blood temperature (98 degrees). This is usually about 10-15 seconds depending on the microwave you are using.

**NOTE: No more than 6-8 ounces of this should be drunk in a day, there is a high iron content and this will alleviate any over indulgences of iron in your system**

I then pour mine into a goblet and drink, allowing the imagery to aid in curbing even my most damnable cravings.

~Belfazaar, August 2010



Assuming a large can of tomato juice is 64 ounces, that plus half of the half gallon of OJ (roughly 32oz by the time you pour about half out) makes about 96 oz.

A 6 ounce serviing of a roughly 96 ounce batch, as described above, will contain about 18-19 mg of iron. The tolerable upper limit of daily iron according to the NIH's Office of Dietary Supplements is 45mg. Certainly well within normal limits.


This article is presented as part of an ongoing effort to present other views outside of, as well as within, the online vampire community. As such, the views and attitudes contained in this article are entirely those of the author(s), and may not necessarily be shared by SphynxCatVP. The webmaster is not under obligation to update or otherwise keep current the contents of this article. Most importantly, only you can decide for yourself whether this article or any of the author(s) other views are useful or applicable to you - use your own reasoning and judgment.

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Belfazaar Ashantison          

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