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Debunking Various Myths
Sarah Dorrance

"...Can any vamps tell me if different types of people in our community havebetter tasting blood? like royal blue blood to the normal commoner?"

Class doesn't seem to have any effect. Diet has a lot of effect. You are what you eat, after all. General healthiness (or lack thereof) is another factor, as is mood. I can taste happiness and sadness, elation and fear, disease and exhaustion. There's nothing occult to it. It's just chemicals. Being accustomed to the taste of blood also makes it easier for me to taste minute differences in blood - rather like being able to distinguish between different wines once you've learned how to drink wine. There's nothing occult about that, either. I'm not even sure it's inherently vampiric, although as a vampire I am a lot less likely to freak out at the idea of drinking blood in the first place.

Do super-fit humans have better tasting untainted blood?

Yes. If they also have good diets, are not depressed, etc.

Everyone is always trying to be more civilised are vampires like this too? sucking from the neck seems to be a barbaric way to obtain blood is there a new way to obtain blood?

I use razor blades to make an X shaped shallow cut. The neck is a very dangerous place to cut because of the jugular vein and the carotid artery; I prefer to make cuts on the chest, back, and thighs.

I am not convinced that people are trying to be more civilized. Everything I have seen in society points in the opposite direction.

I have always thought that vampires are rich from the vast amounts of money which they gather over the years or is this only relevent to the immortal vampires amoung the group?

Immortal? Only the soul is immortal.

And I'm not rich. I have been struggling with poverty ever since my parents disowned me. This may change if I get the yuppie job I've been chasing recently, but if I do get it and thrive in it, it will be the first time I've had money since I was a teenager - and the first time I'll ever have had money of my own.

Can't all vampires eat and drink anything apart from blood?

I eat lots of things, although my problems with chronic fatigue syndrome include irritable bowels, which makes eating real food problematic at times.

Some vampires which I've heard of can survive in sunlight is this true or is this just tales from vampire wanna-be's and too much motion picture viewing.

Of course we can survive in sunlight. A lot of us do need strong sunblock or dark glasses, but the same could be said of normal people.

Are films about vampires true to (the) life which you have?


Do vampires take humans to be their partners?

I'm engaged to be married, so yes. (And I consider myself human, too - just a very weird sort of human)

Don't fall for all the media hype.

~Sarah Dorrance (C) 1999

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