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Blood Substitutions

This article will always be a "work in progress" - as I run across new tips and ideas, I'll add them in here. Each one is listed alphabetical by person who I got the tip(s) from, and any notes I have on his/her tips and ideas.

Using your own blood to stave off the Thirst does NOT work!
As you try to ease the stress your body is taking by having the Thirst, you are also adding the stress of forcing the body to repair a part of itself (where you cut). This can take more out of your system then it originally was deficient. Also, if this condition (I know, not very PC, but will do), is caused by a deficiency of a protein or hormone that is not found naturally in your system, what good will taking in blood that is deficient do? Pointless, really. So this practice only does more harm than good...


ur's blood - its 1/2 carrot juice and 1/2 tomatoe juice ... warning if not used to the taste add more tomatoe than carrot

(No comments yet, I haven't tried it. I've had some success with just V-8 though.)

This recipie was developed as a side effect of an individual's plasma research. The person who researched this recipie has no desire to be involved in the vampire community, but has passed along this recipie in the hopes that it will help others.

Supplement Version
Simplified Food Version

1,000mg Calcium
3,000mg Potassium (Do not increase this!)
2,200mg Sodium
18mg Iron
300mg Cholesterol
40g Sugar (10 measured tsp)

2 cups water
2 cups milk(calcium & potassium)
1/4 tsp salt (sodium)
8 egg yolks (cholesterol & Iron)
2.5 tsp sugar

Supplement version can generated by finding supplement pills in your local grocery store, Wal-Mart or other supplier of nutritional supplements. Capsules can be pulled apart and just added to the mix, but if you find them as tablets you WILL have to crush them up - a morter and pestle would be ideal, but you can always use a hammer or rock and put the pills in a freezer baggie (thicker plastic) to hold the pills so the powderized bits don't go all over the place.

Food version has raw yolks. If you are concerned about Salmonella, you can substitute iron pills and some other source of cholesterol instead. Substitute bananas if you can't tolerate milk. The recommended amount was 8 bananas, but that seems a bit much compared to the rest of the recipie.

Potassium can be an issue if you have kidney problems; you should take your own health requirements and limitations into account and modify the recipie accordingly if necessary.

Live foods such as yogurt, sprouts and algae/chlorophyll drinks, as well as green leafy wgetables and things like tomatos.

Yogurt with active/live yogurt cultures. Sprouts should be fresh for best results (ideally, grow your own, but that's not always practical) - mung bean sprouts are an example. Algae/chlorophyll drinks, well, you have to like seaweed/sea plant flavor. It was pointed out to Emilly that beet juice can be a blood substitute on it's own.

She mentions the electrolyte balance seems to be cruicial, and I'm starting to agree.

Chlorophyll-Booster - run through a juicer:
Half a bunch of spinach
one whole chopped beet
Then add:
Carrot juice, gatorade, or plain water to taste

Bloodwine is CG's method of short-term storage - the blood can be from any of the usual sources, although the most likely source will come from drippings when cutting up beef.

One bottle of wine (chilled)
Amount of blood equal to about 1/3 of bottle (also chilled)

Pour out 1/3 of wine (or share with a friend).
Pour equivalent amount of wine into a bowl.
Add a small amount of wine to blood in bowl, and stir carefully.
Add another small amount of wine and continue stirrinng.
Add blood/wine from the bowl back into the bottle, pouring carefully (A funnel is good for this.)
Shake well.
Recork or seal with wax (prevent air leaks that would spoil it.)
Store in refridgerator.
Gently shake before using.

Keeps for about 2 weeks.

The need for blood can also be satisfied in ways other than intimate contact with a willing human donor. Try drinking red Gatorade mixed with a little bit of orange juice and beef broth and liquid multivitamins. (Try it, it tastes almost like blood and it's VERY nutritious.)

One person in IRC made this recipe, and passed on the following approximate proportions with good results, added the caveat of "adjust for taste" and that they wanted to try the next batch with Hawaiian Punch instead of Gatorade:
   64oz Gatorade
   32oz orange juice
   16oz beef broth
   4oz liquid multivitamins (with a total of about 750% recommended daily values for the ENTIRE batch)
Total Volume: 116oz, or 14.5 cups - 3.6-something quarts.

Breaking this down into something a little more manageable for those with lack of space or who are uncertain whether this will work for them, 1/8th of that is:
   8oz Gatorade
   4oz orange juice
   2oz beef broth
   .5oz liquid multivitamin (a bit under 100% recommended daily values)
Total Volume: 14.5oz, or not quite 2 cups.

Ice/cold drinks, Gatorade, sour food such as lemons and tart candies, salty food such as Pringles and Lays potato chips, rare steaks. Suggestions she knows of from others include Pedialite (a child's cough syrup brand or an electrolyte supplement, depend on how it's marketed in that area), fresh raw fruits and pickle juice.

For some people, spicy foods and caffeine also work, but for others may be a trigger.

Things that can help control your Thirst or at least distract you from being Thirsty

    1. Plain water with added salt to taste   (kosher or sea salt recommended over "standard" salt)
    2. Ice/cold drinks
    3. Gatorade
    4. Sour food (lemons, tart candies)
    5. Salty food (lite regular Pringles and lays potato chips are great for this)
    6. Raw/rare steak (Rare is safer than raw ~SphynxCat)
    7. Pedialite (though the taste is not great)
    8. Fresh, raw fruits
    9. Pickle juice or at least pickles
    10. Spicy peppers
    11. Keep something in your stomach at all times - drink, food, healthy snacks...
    12. Beef bouillon / broth / consommé - Canned is the most convenient. Not the greatest blood substitute in the world, but who's going to think buying cans of broth is particularly weird? They're generally under $2/each (larger chain grocery stores will probably have them cheaper than "mom and pop" corner store / convenience marts) as well, making it less expensive than beef and easier to get.
    13. Au Jus - in good steakhouses, guess what's in it. :) Using a spoon is less obvious than plate-diving, even if it is slower and less satisfying. Save lapping the plate for when you're alone or with people who understand.
    14. Warm very salty water - kosher or sea salt recommended.

Rare steaks. Milk. Canned beef broth - experiment to find what works best for you, and don't use the bullion cubes that are primarily a flavored salt lick. Anything beyond meat and milk doesn't seem to be effective as a temporary substitute for me.

Rare steaks: See my article on getting blood from a steak. The better quality steak you use, the better the results will be. Even better, look for labels in your local grocery store that indicate that the hunk of beef came from a cow that was specifically NOT treated with "bovine growth hormone". (If rBGH is not allowed in your country, you probably don't need to worry about this.)

Ideally, grass-fed and organic is THE way to go. It's expensive, but worth the extra money. Grass-fed steaks are better for you because the cow had appropriate nutrition (i.e., it ate what it was *supposed* to eat, not what fattens it up faster) and better nutrition means happier, healthier cows with almost zero risk of e.coli or other ailments requiring antibiotics. Which means it's healthier for YOU too.

Milk: As strange as it may sound, milk - especially whole milk or half-and-half - seems to work to calm the cravings a bit. It's liquid, it's a bit of protein, and it's really good cold. :)

Canned Beef Broth: Different brands of beef broth have different flavors. Some will taste better to you than others, but you need to experiment to find which one(s) those are. The primary ingredient should ALWAYS be "Beef Broth" or something similarly named. And those cubes are just basically flavored salt licks. Great if you like licking beef-flavored salt, but not for this purpose.

Beef Broth Paste: This is an actual paste, NOT cubes, and it blends with warm/hot water very well. This even beats the previous recommendation of canned beef broth. Some example brands can be seen on Amazon, but they're not the only ones.

(The variety that *I* prefer is this one.)

Places to look: Major grocery stores, warehouse clubs and food service suppliers that are open to the public. Here's what the paste looks like.

Electrolyte Cocktail: Not a substitution per se, but it is known that a lack of electrolytes are a reason for feeling continually run down, and might be a reason for persistent thirst (and you should also have the requisite medical checks done for things like diabetes as well.)

1 quart unsweetened tea (can be instant unsweetened tea)
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Mix, chill, and drink. Have a glass periodically (once an hour?) until it tastes bad. And as strange as that sounds, it really DOES work that way! If it tastes really nasty to start with, then a lack of electrolytes is not the problem.

If you accedentally double the sugar, salt or baking soda, increase the rest to match. The tea can be left at original listing strength, but the other three items need to be maintained in balance if one is accidentally increased.

Other foods that may help the electrolyte balance: Olives, pickles, many things with vinegar in them. Most diets are on the sweet side and occasionally need some sour to balance it out.


Tomato Juice
V-8 Splash / Plain V-8
Spicy food / hot peppers
V8 and beef broth
Chicken broth
Green tea
Spicy foods


This article is presented as part of an ongoing effort to present other views outside of, as well as within, the online vampire community. As such, the views and attitudes contained in this article are entirely those of the author(s), and may not necessarily be shared by SphynxCatVP. The webmaster is not under obligation to update or otherwise keep current the contents of this article. Most importantly, only you can decide for yourself whether this article or any of the author(s) other views are useful or applicable to you - use your own reasoning and judgment.

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