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Why Would One Want to Be A Sanguinarian?

I do not create this page to alienate anyone, but feel as though this needs to be said. The question often posed is: Will you make me into a Vampire?

The answer, pure and simple, no. If I, myself, do not enjoy this way of living most of the time, why would I turn another and so give them the chance to hate it once the novelty has worn off? I was born as I am, not turned... but had I had the choice I would not choose this life knowing what I do and feeling what I do. Some people do have reasons they want to be "turned" by us but they often have not really looked into nor understood the consequences to themselves or others by such an action. Also, I am not even sure if I can turn someone. I use the term "vampire" to encompass many types of energy needers when I am making generalizations, when I am talking solely about me, those like me, and what I am, those are Sanguinarians. So, here I will attempt to give my reasons and responses to each reason a person may give for wanting to be "turned".


Then change your style, have your own opinion, dress as you wish to, speak as you wish can be different without being a Vampire or a Sanguinarian. Sometimes, being a such only means you have to be more like everyone else so that you don't get pestered on the street.


Number one, as far as I know being a sanguinarian does not make one immortal. Number two, being a sanguinarian does not give you special powers, just one more thing to worry about. This life gives you the power to have intense cravings for one thing only, to have to wear sunglasses because the sun burns your eyes, to have to watch what you say around some people, to constantly worry if you have misplaced trust in telling another about your condition, to worry if you are next on some Hunters hit-list, to go half mad because you cannot get blood this time, to worry where you are going to be the next time a craving hits, to worry about what diseases are in the blood you are drinking (oh, yes, we too get sick, catch AIDS, and other blood borne disease), to worry where your next drink is coming from...get the picture? As to scaring your friends, jump out of a closet and say "Boo"..."Boo" doesn't last your entire life. It is possible to scare friends away as well.


Have you thought about just what you are saying there? Some may as well rephrase that as "I want to put myself at risk for numerous diseases." e.g. AIDS, Syphillis, Hepatitis...etc. And what of the person you are getting blood from? Is the blood letting tool sterile? Are you sure? What about scars? Think about your donor as well. Remember, as a sanguinarian it is not useful to take your is like taking water from a bucket and putting it back in order to fill it up, it doesn't work and only leaves one more drained afterwards.


Then you will have to pay money to get a set of prosthetic ones. If I want fangs, I have to go get prosthetics too.


First of all, if you are looking to be the stereotypical type vamp, keep looking, thats not me. I am not sexy, nor immortal, nor super strong, or able to seduce virgins in a look. We make need to drink blood, but that is our ONLY connection to the stereotype of Dracula or Lestat. Secondly...for how long? I can almost guarantee that the first time you get a major craving and can't satisfy it, when you find yourself mad with need, when you snap at your friends because you haven't been able to satisfy your urge, when you find yourself literally shaking when a friend accidently cuts themself because you want to help but are afraid to get too close because you can smell the blood,when you lie awake at night and have to work in the day, when you worry if perhaps you can pass this on to any children you may have (would they want it?), you will wish you weren't a sanguinarian. When you loose friends because they are afraid and won't listen to the truth, when you have to be afraid if your parents know, when you have to watch every medication you take because you react to most of them badly or with medications your donor takes, when you look at every scar on your "significant other" or friend and realize that each one you made hurt them in some way, you will wish you weren't a sanguinarian. Have you thought about the beast? That's not just a role-play thing, you get frustrated, you forget, you turn more animal than human, you wind up in a padded cell, or, worse, behind bars. Remember, you can't get blood in either of these places.


Then eat carrots, stop cranking your music to a thousand decibles and teach yourself to notice get the same effect. The heightened senses won't help much and I am honestly not really sure if they come with being a sanguinarian As I am, though, the senses just mean you have to watch who's car you ride in so you are not deafened, and wear sunglasses because it's too bright on overcast days. We don't use them for hunting. They are just one more annoyance to contend with.


Then join a club or other organization. Being sanguinarian does mean that there are others like you out there, but you will most likely rarely see them. Most of the others I talk to are words on a screen. I never see them, I don't really know any of them. Loneliness sets in fast. You will belong to a group of people whom most of the world doesn't believe and the rest of the world doesn't understand.

This will be added to as time goes by, but for now I hope that those of you who wish to be a Vampire have realized this isn't Vt:M here, or White Wolf, period. It is reality, the hard truth...*climbs down off soap box(es?)* Also, it is not even known if one can turn another person...

Ok, as an addendum, there are some advantages, though the cons way outweigh the pros. I will still list the pros to keep this page from sounding too depressing.

1. Ever drive around at night with sunglasses on? The looks on some peoples faces as you pass them are hilarious! Just keep an eye out for the police, they don't get funny looks on there faces, just pull you over :P (would not recommend this if you have bad night vision...)

2. I had fun at work when someone will tell their friend what they want softly, and then when they turn around I can have what they wanted ready. Makes for more funny faces, and great ESP conversations.

3. Vampire least I seem to like them more than some of my friends :)

4. Seeing the looks on peoples faces when they try to insult you by saying "You Suck!" and you respond with "with pride!" :)

5. Being able to laugh uproareously when people try to start fights by yelling "Bite me!" (at least I always laugh...)

6. Saving money on electrical payments 'cause you don't need those bright bulbs at night.

7. Commenting on how the local Red Cross blood drive trucks have excellent take-out

I am afraid that is all that I can think of...not many in comparison, you see... Need more reason... or a better description? A good article is by Lady Slinky: So You Wanna Be a Vampire.

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