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So you wanna be a vampire?
Lady Slinky

Lady Slinky
So you wanna be a vampire.
Mon Jan 21 14:41:49 2002

Seems like we are in this part of the message boards cycle again. I just had to tease Bry a little about it further down. Usually at this point we tell you all the pains and agonies of being a vampire and Indeed there are many. Not all of us can get night jobs or even live in a night world. I’m not sure how much some of the psi aspects are actually attributed to vampirism since we all very in this aspect. Some of us have no psi ability at all.

What I want to Talk about is what would not change in your life if you became. Since this I think is the root of why people really want to be a vampire. You will still have parents to answer to and this will not improve your relationship with them or the rest of the family. You will still have to go to school. It will not make people like you and if anything vampirism makes you less popular and more of a loner. You may also find it tends to attract really annoying people you would rather not have around. It makes it harder to get out of school for illness as we tend to have lower body temps (mine is naturally at about 95.6) Vampirism will not improve your grades. It does not make you above the law, It does not make you independently wealthy so that means once you are not living off your parents you will have to pay all those bills that everyone else does.

Having just had a second child I can tell you that being a vampire does not decrease the amount of pain you have the potential of feeling. It does however seem to affect how medications and pain relievers work for you. Some will be more intense and some will not work at all. It does not change weather or not you can have kids. It will not clear up your complexion and give you beautiful hair, although it may make you paler (course so will wearing sunscreen or not going outside (which may actually be what makes you pale and not the vampirism), This look can be achieved by anyone not just vampires, even black people get paler if they never go out in the sun.

Basically my point is while yes it does affect all aspects of your life to one degree or another it is not the whole of your life. It will not solve whatever problems you may have and it will not make your life better. At least its not mine. Yes I am a bloodsucking vampire. I am also a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a student, a witch, I have depression and bills to pay. Not all of the problems in my life are caused by vampirism and non of them are solved with it (aside from maybe being more stable when I am able to feed regularly.)

Now a new twist I have seen in the past year or so is the dreaming thing. I do not think I would trust dreams as a diagnosis of vampirism as dreams tend to fall into 3 categories.

Your brain working though questions, problems or situations that have happened, are happening or could possibly happen. The brain does this by using symbols which means that what you see in the dream is not always literal.

Your brain is doing what’s called fantasy fulfillment. Meaning that you are doing and being what you have always wanted to in your dream. Like flying or being the queen of the prom or being a vampire.

Prophetic dreams. Like the first one this is done in symbols so a piano falling on your head probably does not literally mean watch for falling Pianos.

As always be careful what you wish for. You may just get it and its generally never what you thought it would be.

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