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Message board thread: Can you stop being a vampire?
various message board posters

Getting out
Wed Dec 12 18:39:54 2001

Now I am perfectly fine with being a goth/I.T. waccen and I have no wish to become a vampire at this point at all ~nothing against you at all~ But a question came up in my group of friends and I want to know if you can or not.

Q: If you are a vampire is there any way to stop being one and just be a "normal" human?


Good question
Thu Dec 13 01:55:58 2001

Is there a way for you to stop being human?

Speaking as a vamp that has lived as a "normal" human for upwards of a year, (i.e., not drinking, sleeping at night, making a real effort to be normal) I'm still pretty damn weird. We can hide it well with practice, but when it boils right down to it, all that’s we're doing is lying to everyone.

Lady Slinky
Thu Dec 13 15:13:43 2001

I find it interesting that people are talking about the hours you sleep the way you dress and act as being what makes one a vampire. It's not. When you sleep where you work who your friends are and how you dress has nothing at all what so ever to do with being a vampire. I know coli knows this so these comments are not directly for you luv.

It's who and what you are. I could no more wake up tomorrow and not be a vampire then I could wake up and suddenly find myself in a 10 year old's body. Sure I could maybe wear clothes that look like a ten year old's and I could talk and act like a ten year old and if I really worked hard at it I might even be able to get into some sort of school However this would not change the fact that I am not a ten year old and have not been for some time.

Maybe I am just feeling touchy about this because a lot of us here are not lifestylers who dress in gothic all the time and sleep all day and party all night (work for those who work at night). We in general live pretty basic normal lives. We have to work and lets face it folks night jobs generally pay worth crap and are for the most part either bartenders, cocktailers, night clerks at hotels, or stock boys. We have to pay bills. That's right the phone company and power company could care less if you are a vampire. Some of us have kids. You have to be up during the day to take care of those buggers you know.

Living like the mythical vampire is not realistic in this day and age. Yes there are a few out there who make it work and more power to them but they are not the majority.

and remember...
Thu Dec 13 22:30:02 2001

...the so-called "mythical vampire" is greatly misunderstood by moderns.

It's fictional (and more so, movie) vampires who can't go out in the sun, live only at night, dress oddly, and so forth.

The most outstanding characteristic of true living vampires in every culture that believed in them was that *they looked and acted just exactly like everybody else.* That is, they were up during the day, walked around in the sun, ate food, interacted socially, did work, wore ordinary clothes, even married and raised families. The only difference was that they sometimes were discovered to have a few unusual nocturnal activities, and often, provoked envy and suspicion by being just too darn good-looking, lucky, and accomplished. But being non-humans living in human society, the last thing these true living vampires wanted to do was behave weirdly or attract negative attention. If they came under suspicion, they tended to vanish very suddenly from their community.

I think most of us can say the same thing. It's what we *are* that makes us different, and we couldn't change that if we wanted to. We, generally speaking, don't seek to draw undue attention to it.


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