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Psy Vampirism

This page goes into detail regarding what a psy/energy vampirism is, expectations and symptoms of the psy vampire and some Energy techniques specifically for psy vampires, including some ways to combat a psy vampire.


This page is under constant construction, for as I learn new things, I will be building on the knowledge herein. Before 5 years ago, I was very skeptical about psy vampirism because I thought that all vampires were blood vampires with psy abilities. What a naive way of thinking! I was ignorant to other possibilities. I began to open my eyes to the world around me, to see different perspectives and different ideas coming to life around me. Finally, I began to really listen to those who spoke of this common form of vampirism. In fact, it wasn't until October 1998 that I met my first psy vampire and spoke with him via the Internet. In July 2000, I began to research vampirism extensively to find out all the information I could. I knew that what I was reading and learning pertained to one of my best friends, Asha, and I talked with her about it and realized that I had already met a psy vampire face to face years ago and neither of us realized it. I began working with her and researching vampirism, observing her, so that I could teach her what I knew and to explore with her what I didn't know.


Psy vampires, also known as an Energy, Psychic, or Psi Vampires, are humans with an energy deficiency. A psy vampire is incapable of producing the energy needed, keeping the energy within (similar to a leak) or both. Those who do not or cannot produce this energy or keep the energy from leaking out must learn to "feed" from others in order to live a healthy existence. (It is a theory that psy vampires have a non-repairable leak in the Third Eye Chakra, a.k.a. the Brown Chakra, which allows energy to escape, creating the need for feeding.)

Non-vampire humans (often called "Nils" [or just "mundanes"... ~Sphynx]) produce the correct amounts of energy. Nils have the ability to keep their energy, while psy vampires do not. A good analogy would be like a cup full of energy. Imagine two glasses-one belonging to the Nil, the other to the vampire. The Nil's glass is full and remains full; even when the glass is bumped and some spills out, it automatically, slowly replenishes itself. The vampire's glass has a small crack in the bottom which allows the energy to slowly leak out; when bumped, the loss of energy remains and is not replenished. To keep the vampire's glass full, the vampire must take some from the Nil's glass (as it will replenish itself eventually). The vampire glass will continue to leak, and the vampire must continue to take of the Nil's energy. In essence, the vampire is happy or content until the glass becomes noticeably empty, and the cycle repeats.

Psy vampires must keep their glasses full in order to feel healthy. When the glass is less than full or nearly empty, he/she can become depressed, physically ill, etc. Psy vampires can feed off of many other energy sources. Because energy is everywhere, psy vampires can feed off of several different sources.


Psy Vampires both have an energy deficiency, but sanguinarian (root sanguineous) vampires prefer to take blood for energy, as it has a higher energy content. Psy vampires are usually born with a deficiency which explodes (awakens) during puberty or later , accelerating the symptoms (making them more noticeable) and throwing in the need for energy. There are different levels of psy vampirism, just like no human is the same. Many psy vampires live for years without realizing they are psy vampires or that they are feeding naturally (often resulting in those around them becoming weak or tired). Some vampires are like a black hole, sucking out energy from everything around them, while continuing to lose energy because they have not learned how to keep the energy, while others "sip" at energy all day. Sanguinarian vampires can be born with a dormant energy deficiency which "awakens" at puberty or earlier. Sanguinarian vampires have different needs for blood as well-some need tablespoons while others, the act of bloodletting is enough (and perhaps a taste?).


What are the symptoms of Psy Vampirism? There are symptoms which may lead to the body's "awakening" to the deficiency, meaning the body will suddenly require more energy. Some things trigger an awakening, the most common being puberty; other triggers may include:

  • Traumatic Experience
  • Depression (or other symptom of an underlying problem)
  • Sudden change in diet (hated foods become appealing while favorites become dislikes)
  • Vegetable or Fruit juices cause cramping
  • Sunlight becomes suddenly bothersome, sometimes painful
  • A feeling of emptiness (not loneliness) or a feeling of nothingness
  • Becoming aware of how those around you are feeling
  • Being around or remember being around someone who drains energy/happiness excessively or is extremely controlling (most likely an unaware psy vampire)
  • Feeling a need to be in control
  • Problems or sudden changes in sleeping habits

Psy vampires experience most of the triggers above and will most likely have many, if not all, of the following symptoms:

  • Frequent migraines or severe headaches (usually around the eyes and forehead or back base of the head)
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Suddenly feeling euphoric and happy or suddenly feeling sad and depressed (violent mood swings)
  • Increased awareness of energy, chi, motion or movement
  • Enhanced sensitivity to hearing and/or touch
  • Seeing auras, energy fields or other psychic phenomenon
  • Feeling sick physically more often than normal (often times accompanied by depression)
  • Have the ability to control your memory: Selective Memory
  • Suddenly feeling euphoric and happy or sad and depressed (violent mood swings) while others in the room feel the exact opposite (when you are happy, he/she is depressed or sick)


What is the awakening? Many people use this word to describe when they become aware of their energy leak-the moment of realization that they are a psy vampire. The awakening is the realization. The awakening may take days or years. Many psy vampires that I have talked to about their awakening say that the average time for an awakening is about 8-10 days (from the time they recognize a serious problem to when they lose the denial).


The awakening process can be very difficult, especially for those who have never heard of the idea before. Many people look at vampires as some dramatic, unreal, childish excuse to be extraordinary. It's not fake. I have seen it first hand and watched psy vampirism and the awakening develop in Asha for over 8 years. It is very real and it can be very painful. Having said this, if you feel that you are a real psy vampire, now is the time to second guess yourself. First, you must confirm that you are actually a psy vampire. Go to a doctor (or several, if necessary) and get yourself checked out. Check your thyroid, depression, your chemical balances, your blood chemistries, etc. If this is a serious problem in your existence, you need a serious solution.

What you should expect now that you are awakening/awakened? You will feel tired, weak, depressed, and physically sick. This is your consciousness now dealing with a previously-unconscious problem. You have realized that your energy is draining or leaking. It is similar to feeling cranky or irritable, and finally accrediting it to your lack of food and you realize you are hungry. Once you know how to consciously fix the problem, your body reacts by waiting for the nourishment. Learning to feed is not easy. It is a process that takes time and patience, procuring a lot of frustration.


There are many advantages and disadvantages of psy vampirism; below is a list of some opinions (as what may seem as an advantage to someone may be a disadvantage to another):

Advantage: You have the ability to help others out when they are feeling in a terrible mood. By manipulating energy you can gather energy where there is a lack thereof. It takes patience and practice, but the results are worth it.

Disadvantage: Many of the symptoms are quite painful: headaches, nauseousness, problems sleeping, light sensitivity, etc.

Advantage: You have the ability to control the way you feel. When you are feeling drained or empty, you know that you are low on energy and you know how to correct the problem. Aside from the normal day to day problems and mood changes, you are in control.

Disadvantage: You must keep your vampirism secret from those whom you do not trust. There are hunters out there who would love to get their holy hands on you. You must watch where you take energy from, who you talk to; a feeling of isolation ensues.

Advantage: Psychic abilities can be developed. Many people are not aware of energy around them and never open their mind to the astral, Chi, and energy world around them. But with the increased knowledge and manipulation of energy, many abilities can be accrued, such as mental projection, astral projection, and high-level connections to other people and animals.

Disadvantage: Many vampires suffer from a constant loss, needing more energy more often. This extreme need for energy can have a debilitating effect on the vampire's life. Similar to an eating disorder, it occupies the mind, creating a constant attention to when to feed again, how to feed, etc.

Advantage: Whether you like it or not, you have an advantage over the average person, such as manipulation. I am sure you can think of several other ways.

Disadvantage: When a psy vampire is unable to feed, he/she can become weak or tired, physically sick, etc., therefore constant attention to energy is required for a healthy existence.

Advantage: Because energy is basically everywhere, a psy vampire can learn to feed almost anywhere, which is a great benefit as opposed to when your stomach is growling and you are thirsty with no food or water around.

Disadvantage: A psy vampire has to be careful who he/she feeds off of. Children, some animals, and some handicapped people should not be fed off of as it can be dangerous for them; sickness, comas, and even death have occurred from feeding off of these.


What is feeding? Feeding is the act of taking energy from one source and adding it to your own source as replenishment (as nourishment is to the body). Feeding provides a psy vampire with energy to replenish what they use during the day, which they cannot reproduce on their own, like recharging a battery. A psy vampire must feed in order to stay mentally and physically healthy. If a psy vampire becomes drained (little or no energy) they begin to experience the symptoms of energy loss: headaches, sickness, weakness, etc.

How do I feed? There are many ways to feed; you will have to learn through trial and error what is best for you. The different types of feeding and their definitions are listed below.

Like sanguinarian vampires, energy can be drained through blood, which has the highest source of energy, along with Sexual energy. The best means for obtaining blood energy is to have a donor. For more information on bloodletting and blood feeding, visit my Vampirism and Shadow Of Dyscracia pages.

Energy Exchange:
Exchanging energy is the method of trading one's energy for another's. This is a very easy way for a psy vampire to get instant energy, but it is also one of the more dangerous methods. Exchanging takes much more practice, as it is harder to accomplish: you must trade your energy or part of your energy with one or more objects. Often, the exchange is used in desperate situations, where instant energy is required. Similar to adrenaline, psy vampires push out their bad energy and pull in good energy. The bad energy is exchanged for good energy, which causes the recipient of the bad energy a downfall effect. (When used on plants, the exchange often causes the plants to wilt quickly.) On the other hand, an exchange can be used as a healing method for those who are willing to sacrifice how they feel temporarily for the greater good. For example, if you have a family member with a hurt foot, a psy vampire or an energy-aware person can pull the bad/negative energy from the family member and replace it with good energy. The results would be that the negative energy would cause the recipient's (psy vamp or energy-aware person's) foot to hurt. This negative energy can eventually be redirected into the surrounding energy. (I would not suggest trying to aid others in their ailments until you are comfortable with energy manipulation.)

Hypnosis and mesmerism can greatly effect the outcome of your feeding. Hypnosis is putting a subject in a state resembling sleep, wherein suggestions are readily accepted by the subject; mesmerism is a form of persuasion which may or may not include hypnotism. By hypnotizing your subject, the energy can flow more freely than without it. Please note that hypnosis is not sleeping (but a sleep-like state where the subconscious can be manipulated) and that you cannot make someone under your hypnosis perform acts or say things they would not normally do or say (so you can't suggest someone to jump off a cliff). You can use mesmerism alone or along with other feeding techniques. Use this ability wisely, as you do not want to hurt or injure the mind.

Linking is one of the best ways to train to feel energy. Linking is simply the method of connecting with one or more people, either by touch or energy, to build or collect higher levels of energy. Just as if you had two half-glasses of water, combining them (linking them) makes one big glass of water (or, more energy). Linking is similar to exchanging, except that the energy is combined instead of traded. First, choose a person (or persons) with whom you are comfortable linking with. Establish a link by concentrating with that person, drawing the two energies together. I often suggest people face each other, legs folded with knees and hands (palms) touching. Focus on creating the energy link between you, breast to breast (or form a triangle or circle with more than one person). In the beginning, just practice feeling each others' energy. If one or more of you are or become experienced, practice direction flow. Practice pushing and pulling the energy around you, manipulating it. Linking also provides a beginner a way to learn to feel energy by practicing with those already familiar with energy. Linking can also be a form of meditation between two or more people. It can be very relaxing and stress-relieving.

Physical touch is similar to linking, except that it does not have to be with someone you are close to. Energy can be absorbed through handshakes, bumping into someone, holding hands, etc.

Psy feeding is mental feeding with no touching involved. The best method of learning to feed is through meditation. The first few times, you may want to find an atmosphere that is quiet and comfortable, free of distractions, in the evening when the sun has faded and the world "comes alive." Clear your mind and listen to your breathing, your pulse. Start by concentrating on the surrounding area, listening to the sounds around you, using all your senses to feel the energy around you. For many psy vampires, psy abilities come naturally, but if not, do not give up. Once you've become relaxed, open your mind and meditate on the object from which you wish to draw energy. Note that it is easiest to feed off of someone who is close to you who has a naturally high energy levels (someone with extreme emotions) so you can feed off their excess energy. Concentrate on their energy and your own energy. It is important to be able to recognize the difference, so that you will know. Feel the energy coming to you. WILL it to you. Feel it become a part of you, joining your own energy. This takes some practice and patience; realize this is now apart of your existence, that without it, you may become weak or sick, or death may even occur. Once you have become comfortable with quiet atmospheres, practice concentrating in more public places such as parks or schools. You will learn what does and does not work for you. You may want to visit the page on Energy & Chakras; they may help you understand energy and meditation further.

Sexual energy is pretty self-explanatory. The act of making love or passionate intercourse creates very high levels of energy. Many psy vampires feed off of this energy and live healthy lives with no other need of feeding.

Psy Vampires usually take just enough energy from someone to survive, but there are those out there who are either not trained and are still learning to feed, or who take more than is needed on purpose. This creates a "high" overdosed feeling providing extreme emotion to the vampire, and an extremely low, weak feeling to the one energy was taken from. Because the overdose feeling is so extreme, it is sometimes sought for, however it is very dangerous and not a wise path to follow. Many times the high overdose of energy can lead to doing something not normally done, as well as not being healthy. A psy vampire friend of mine spoke of a time when he purposefully overdosed on energy which he says makes him feel just like he was on drugs, doing things that he wouldn't normally do, taking higher risks, and experiencing a feeling of total chaos within him. He said he became careless, with a lack of attention and respect. He had left the person whom he took energy from physically ill and in bed for over a week. Please be aware that the correct amount of energy is important; don't become careless.

Please note that you do not have to be a psy vampire to have these abilities to manipulate energy, therefore, be careful of whom you energy-interact with. With all forms of taking energy, once you have taken in what you feel to be enough energy, stop. Concentrate on closing the energy flow. Sometimes it is as easy is going to do something else, breaking the concentration, or you may have to shield. Those new to feeding may feel like they have overdosed: hyper, unusually physically active, drugged, etc. If you do not feel successful from one method of feeding, try other methods. Try different methods for a week or so; take a test drive of the ones you feel comfortable doing. If you do not notice a significant difference, you may not be a psy vampire. You should probably explore other solutions to the way you are feeling (study other options, get more opinions, go see different doctors, etc.) Stop feeding and see if you begin to feel worse; this may help you confirm answers.


With practice, you may eventually be able to identify what a person is feeling according to their energy; this is knows as Scanning . With practice, you may eventually be able to recognize a Nil, a psi-vamp, a sanguine, and sometimes, a blood vampire. Each source has a different "taste" or "flavor" to it, and you will become accustomed to what feels and "tastes" best to you. Below is a list of sources that may help you in your search for energy:

  • High Energy Sources
    • Fresh blood (human or animal)
    • Large crowds of people: basketball games, carnivals, festivals, etc. (Recommended*)
    • Adult one-on-one energy manipulation (best for first-time feeders)
  • Medium Energy Sources
    • Large bodies of water: oceans or very large lakes
    • Storms, especially thunder and lightning storms and wind storms
    • Small groups of people: parties, swimming pools, a group of friends or coworkers
  • Low Energy Sources
    Keep in mind that draining from low energy resources may cause pain or kill them.
    [The proverbial "black thumb" when it comes to plants is one example... ~Sphynx]
    • Plants: trees, bushes, flowers
    • Small bodies of water (non-chlorinated) such as a natural spring, river, etc.
    • Animals
    • Areas of the earth: dirt, rocks
    • Children [Fvorboda doesn't recommend this at all, I say -only- in large groups - i.e., roller rinks, indoor playgrounds during busy periods, etc. ~Sphynx]

    * Feeding off large crowds is a good way to feed off of more than one subject at a time, taking a little energy from each, rather than a large amount from one. Feeding off more than one subject/object will fill you without draining the subjects too much.


This section is not against psy vampires, but more of a protection guideline; this information is intended to aid Nils and vampires alike.

Flipping, also knows as The View, is the ability to view yourself from another physical perspective. Your field of vision changes from first person (looking out from within your own body) to second or third person (looking at your body). Flipping is similar to astral projection, except you actually join another's thoughts and see you as they see you. This is a form of linking.

Scanning is the ability to sense emotions, physical well-being, or thoughts from another person or object. Scanning is similar to a connection, except that a connection is more permanent, whereas scanning is a temporary view. Scanning allows you to tell how much energy a person has according to their aura, energy fields, or shield. It can also give information on how a person or object is feeling physically-you will be able to see if they are not feeling well, or are injured. With practice, you can also learn to read minds, not like the mystical 'Tell me what I am thinking' type of mind reading, but rather be able to feel their emotions so clearly that you understand what their thoughts are and can decipher the mental messages.

Shielding is very important to learn, as it is used as a protection against bad energy as well as a defense against releasing energy. Shielding is the ability to filter the energy taken in from persons or objects while keeping the current energy. It is important for psy vampires to learn to shield due to the fact that the vampire must concentrate and open his/her energy before energy can be pulled from another source. It is like trying to drink something with your mouth closed; it just doesn't work. You must first learn to open your mouth, and moderate the flow of the liquid to avoid choking. It is the same with drinking energy. Shielding acts as the moderator for which you take in energy, filtering what you need and holding in the energy you already possess. Without a shield, the energy you have would slip away as you pull energy towards you, similar to trying to drink without swallowing. Shielding also acts as a defense from being drained of energy from others who try to feed from you. Keep in mind that only energy-aware people can take energy from you-for example, plants are not energy-conscious (as far as we know, right?) and therefore, will not try to drain you of your energy.


Learning to shield comes naturally for some, and takes lots or practice and patience for others. To begin, concentrate and practice feeling your own energy. This can be accomplished through meditation, linking, or other energy manipulative techniques. Because a shield acts like a shell, concentrate on building a wall of energy around you, encasing you, surrounding you from head to toe. Imagine yourself in a bubble of your own energy, like a chick before hatching. Be aware that many powerful (meaning highly trained) energy-conscious, aura-trained "empaths" may be able to become familiar with your energy, your aura, and your shield. With practice, they can break through your barrier and steal energy from you (sometimes referred to as Energy Rape). This is an uncommon practice, as there are far easier "targets" from which to get energy. But you should be aware that it is out there and it happens.


If you feel like you are being attacked by a psy vampires, there are a few steps you can take to either stop the attack or prevent it from happening in the future. Keep in mind that the best tactic is to get away, leave. When an attacker has found a weak spot in your shield or aura, they can begin to drain you. During an attack, you can change your shield, use link options, or exchange energy.

To change your shield (also known as "tuning" or "tweaking" your shield) concentrate on changing the energy around you, changing your mood-changing your shield. If you have studied auras , you can learn to change your aura, removing the weakness from your shield. As usual, this takes practice, but will come easier once you understand how to shield yourself.

There are two ways to link during an attack: either a link with the attacker or a link with another of strong energy. Linking with the attacker creates an inability to push or pull energy. It is like the attacker is sucking your energy through a straw, and you begin sucking on the opposite end of the straw, creating a balance and an inability to move energy through the straw. Linking with another strong energy source can help win the battle of energy control. Many times, the attacker wants the feeling of control as well as the draining advantages, so obtaining control of your own energy is ideal. Linking with another strong energy force is like having another fight the battle with you. Linking can be risky, depending on the strength of the attacker. If the attacker is strong, it may create a losing situation. Keep in mind that the attacker may be trying to take your negative energy. That's okay, you didn't want that anyway, right? Wrong. We need both good and bad energy to create that within us. Someone taking our bad energy not only creating an imbalance in energy but allows the attacker to become worse (meaner, more evil, etc.) and increase the imbalance within his/her own energy.

The most dangerous, but most effective tactic against an attacker is an energy exchange. At the right moment, this can cripple your attacker. Imagine the attacker draining you, making you weak, and at the last moment, turning the tables. You now have all the energy and the attacker is drained and weak; of course the attacker would lose this battle. The problem with this is many fail. There is a fine line where and exchange can work-if done too early, the attacker still has enough strength to get back energy; if done too late, the attacker has the advantage and can shield against an exchange and the victim continues to lose energy and is too weak to resist. This technique is most commonly used as a last resort.


The difference being that psy vampires have an actual physical and mental need due to a leak in their energy. If you have a suspicion about someone being a psy vampire, I would not suggest approaching him/her with that thought until you are positive and you have research to back you up.

This article is presented as part of an ongoing effort to present other views outside of, as well as within, the online vampire community. As such, the views and attitudes contained in this article are entirely those of the author(s), and may not necessarily be shared by SphynxCatVP. The webmaster is not under obligation to update or otherwise keep current the contents of this article. Most importantly, only you can decide for yourself whether this article or any of the author(s) other views are useful or applicable to you - use your own reasoning and judgment.

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