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Q&A - The Realities of Vampires & Blooddrinking
Memory And Dream

The Original Question:

I'm an aspiring author. I'm fascinated by vampires and plan on writing a book about them. However, after looking over your Q&A section, a lot of what I "know" are from movies (ie: can not go out into sunlight, garlic will harm, etc..) I was wondering if you had time to give me a short in depth fact on real vampire life so my book won't be a total lie, so to speak. Info such as when/how often you drink blood, do you need it to survive?, the type of life you live (occupation). I would really appreciate any info you can provide to help me out.

The Original Answer:

Decide it might be cool to do a real life "Interview with the Vampire" concept? Well, yours is not the first such request, although it is one of the more polite...In any event, as I have stated on my page, specifics on myself are few and far in-between as I wish to preserve my confidentiality...I am a private person (although one may not believe that with a Real Vampire toting website!) and, as a general rule, my kind are very private as well. We don't like the spotlight and we frown on others who try to achieve it. All this said, I can provide you with some basics and perhaps some general standards (of which, there are few) that may further aide you, but I regret I can not give personal details...

So, first, forget what you see in the movies and what you read in books. We are like neither. (And, if you haven't already, check out my bio for what kind of mundane things I like and do.) We are real people and we lead real lives...

Secondly, you ask about the infamous "blood-drinking" *sigh* This is a truism-although, again, not as extreme as fiction. We require blood to survive. Why this is I do not know per say, but it does not change the fact it is necessary. Now, the average vampire will drink about every other day to every 3-4 days. (Small quantities mind, not at all like whole bodies or anything) It is a maddenly addictive thing...those with either weak will or without care will drink as often as every day (although this is highly unrecommended as the more frequently a vamp drinks, the more he/she loses touch with the "human" side-who cares about people when they are nothing but dinner, eh?) It can drive a vampire to the brink of madness and ultimately if it does not cease, will result in dangerous behavior that gets him either in trouble with traditional society (police) or will see him eliminated by his kind as a danger to the community. Vampires can not afford to be lazy, lax, or stupid in their is not acceptable. (now, of course, should you screw up your bills or something, well, that's your own problem, and no one but you would care)

However, depending on the strength of the vampire, one could go up to a week or two without becoming too uncomfortable (although maybe not the happiest camper). It becomes an all-consuming need; a buzzing deep within one's soul that will not go away. It clouds everything else and makes one shaky and weak until it is answered. It is a Beast and it is controlling, but the first rule a vampire must learn to survive is that one must always remain in control-it can never control you.

Now, I have heard of a rare few who have gone as long as 4-5 MONTHS without, but this is extreme and I doubt many could accomplish this. I have further noted that in these extreme cases, the vampire tends to get depressed, perpetually tired and sickly, as well as tends to "drain" those around him-bringing them down as well. This seems to be completely unconscious in nature and perhaps provides a drizzle of strength to continue.

Is it possible to stop drinking entirely? I doubt it. I have never heard of such a thing and at that point, I imagine life would be a living hell anyway, so why bother? To feed charges a vampire-renews them, strengthens them, simply invigorates them and sets every nerve on fire. This, I think is where the sexuality and sensuality of the vampire legend comes into play...there's nothing finer than making love after (or during!) feeding...we are 1,000 times more alive then and everything is 1,000 times more wonderful and sensitive. (that, and I understand it's very arousing for a donor during the feeding process) It is, however, an amazingly personal act and the donor must have great faith in the vampire as once you start, it's damned hard to stop. Again, willpower and control are's too easy to just give in and not stop...

As for occupation, how about I give you an idea of several of my personal vampire friends' jobs and you can go from tech, salesman, writer, secretary, actor, artist, web designer...we do anything and everything. Some of us are famous, some of us are not. Some of us are technical, some of us are artistic. We can be-and are-anyone and everyone. Well, seems as if I wrote you a novel myself...check out my Vampire Guide 101 and Vampire Guide 201 (myths vs. realities) for some more specific details on what is and what is not. Let me know when you start writing-I'd like to see what you conclude to. Please feel free to visit at any time...

Additional Questions

1. How does one become a vampire? Are you born that way or are you "made" to become one (such as bitten)?
Personally, I was born this way. Everyone I am actually friends with were also born this way. It comes into bloom at final maturity (ie adulthood) between the ages of say, 18-23 or so. Generally, someone comes into your life around that time and kinda acts as your mentor to help you get through it. It's a difficult and awkward time...there's a lot of soul-searching and self-questioning...the process tends to take several months of weird changes, feelings, and new emotions and senses...

Is it possible to "make" a vampire? Yes, I do believe it is (I have met them in passing) but I do not know the specifics...I have no interest in doing this, so I have avoided pursuing these questions myself. I know that it is a difficult, risky, and rarely successful process. I can tell you though, that "turning" someone is strictly frowned on and those who are not Born vampires are looked down on. They are also never as strong us born vamps and tend not to last too long for one reason or another (a lot of the problem is they tend to think too much of themselves after and want to live the life of the I said before, this is an unacceptable danger to us all and it not tolerated)

2. Is your body human? By this I mean, can you reproduce, do you get sick (flu), orgasms?
Oh, I get all the joys of being in flesh...we are living bodies and as such, we are subject to all the normal afflictions...although, as a general rule, (pending that we are well-fed) we are hardier than humans and have greater tolerance and resistance and will heal faster. (if we are especially Hungry or have been deprived for whatever reason, the reverse is true)

3. Are you immortal? Or can you be killed/die like a regular human? (Car crash, plane crash, old age, heart attack)
When the plane goes crashing into the ground at 1,000mph, you can guarantee we ain't walking away from I said, we are in living bodies are are therefore mortal. Now, given life treats us fair enough and we're well fed, and all, we can live longer (and better) than normal.Do I mean by centuries? No, not quite. But, you certainly could have a vampire be in their 80's who's as fit as a 40 year old...unfortunatly, we tend to have a lot of erroneous stresses in our lives and so we have no guarantees in life
(esp. if someone decides they have something against you)

4. Can you sense another vampire?
Oh yeah...without a doubt. We can also judge their strength and can even communicate brief quasi-thoughts (ie: If someone wants to start something with you, you will get a distinct "I'm calling you out" feeling. It's not words or anything, but the gist is there) Now, if you are a very powerful vampire (like a Born Vamp) and you run across a piddly little made vamp, you can prevent them from knowing you are there is you are preemptive about it...otherwise, they'll just be agape in your strength...

5. Is there any truth to the stuff you see in movies? (long teeth, crosses, garlic, holy water, stake through the heart, can read peoples minds)
Some natural vamps have distending fangs-but not all...and never a made vamp-and it's not something that you can just flash at will, they come into play only during feeding and are not actually controllable...they are just a tool like any other. We also tend to have strong, quick-growing nails (that ALWAYS need trimming) Holy water, crosses, insert-the-religious-item here will not work. One of my good friends is a devout Catholic and wears a cross everyday (did I mention she's a Natural vamp?) We do not ever turn into dust or powder-no matter how you kill us...a wooden stake may or may not-it depends on how you much manage to injure us-bad enough and a lack of medical care, sure, we'll die...but it's not because it was a wooden stake-it was because you ruptured our heart too severely to repair...mind reading and other psychic abilities vary from vampire to vampire just as they do from human to a general rule, we are more attuned than normals but it fluctuates per vamp...

6. As far as drinking blood, it is like you see in the movies? (biting neck)
Sure, it is possible to bite, but often times not the neck (too visible) The inner thigh has a major artery and the area around the heart is always can cut a small wound with a sterile knife or you can even get it to go these days. (hell, you can get it delivered to your door) Generally there are places to go in every city and you do what you want. We can also drink animal (such a pig which can be acquired at any butcher shop over the counter) although it tastes like crap and isn't as effective.

7. What separates a vampire from a human? Is it just the desire/need to drink blood?
There is of course that-and that is a VERY big thing...the mandatory and involuntary need to drink blood on a regular basis...there is also our generally heightened senses, our quicker regenerative powers, our increased strength, and our general increase mental prowess, but for a lot of things in life, we are very similar...a lot of us are boring and live really "normal" lives.

8. Are vampires located all over the world or are there certain areas they live in (specific countries, states, cities, countryside)? I'm not asking for a specific state, city name, etc.. Just if they are a populated race like humans.
We are everywhere...we are of every race....we are of every background and religion...chances are, we are in every city in the world...there are more of us in some places than others (New Orleans, New York...big cities especially) but you can even find us Poedunk, Idaho...

9. Are there vampires of all ages?
Almost...we don't come into our nature as I said until we are adults, so as a general rule, there are no vampire children...

10. Is there anything that is harmful to a vampire? (I do not wish to know specifics, a simple yes or no will do. I sure do not want to give away any weakness.)
There is no specific weakness that vampires share like is portrayed in the fiction...some of us are sensitive to sunlight and will get nasty burns, but we will never burst into flames or anything....

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