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What Is A Real Vampire?
Damien Daville

A vampire is an energy feeder with varying levels of psychic and empathic abilities which allow for manipulation of and the taking and giving of the life force energy. A vampire comes into being showing varying signs of energy deficiency with usually a slow awareness of psychic ability. There is a significant interest in energy feeding such as at musical shows, with a lover, and/or an interest in the energy of blood, although the latter is far less common. This self awareness usually begins in adolescence and generally increases over time gradually to adulthood, but there are some signs in some at younger ages. A vampire begins to see the energy fields and auras of people and easily learns to manipulate emotional and other psychic energies for personal gain. Thru a more heightened sensual ability they feel the emotions and energy of other people and can thus tap this resource for personal gain in energy needs. Being more sensitive to all types of energy allows the vampire to easily sense emotions and thoughts of those near. Those who are empathic carry this further with ease.

Vampires normally have no difficulty with the sunlight of day, except for the need of sunglasses to shield sensitive eyes, and the need to protect from sunburn on exposed skin. This is generally true as vampires are usually more sensitive to all forms of energy, with the ability to sense energy comes the need to shield onesself from excess energy. This is a reality most deal with and learn to do easily when around excess energy sources such as the sun and that of other people.

We have a natural tendency to reach out to others like us and learn about the diversity of others. There are many groups, clans or households and families that exist to lend support and share of the knowledge and experience of this life. We also desire as a group to correct the misconceptions that society and the media have about us. We are not the blood sucking killers that the film industry would have us all believe. We want to dispel these myths and communicate the truth about our vampirism. For too long have we had to hide ourselves from those psychotic nuts who would seek to harm us because of too many vampire films made with vampire hunters and "stakes". We will live among all humans and co-exist in the society around us, while teaching those with open minds about the truth of vampirism and taking the risk of ridicule and harm.

History has taught us and others about the mass murder and violence that has been made against so many by the human kind. Humans have proven themselves to be the best at killing and torturing their fellow kind. No other living thing does it like the human species. So we walk in a world being blown up around us seeing this energy unlike any other. The film industry and media portray us as monsters and yet who really are the monsters of the world? The mass murdering and the hate crimes that are all around us answer this. We have a high regard of life. Although we feed off of the energy of others, we do not harm others or cause pain and suffering. Those that do cannot call themselves true vampires. As those with empathic abilities, we feel the emotions of others including pain and suffering.

We have gone through this world hated and feared, and misunderstood. We desire to change this and dispel these attitudes, while being able to be ourselves, and not persecuted. While we are quite different in our abilities and needs, we also believe that our souls are true and carry forth what we are. Where so many believe that one can just be "embraced" or "turned" or "made" into a vampire, we know that we have inherent needs, and abilities that come from within, that is who we are, not what we chose to be. We all learn many things from our environments, but we as vampires know that what we have is within ourselves and in our souls. It is carried on through the generations.

We as vampires know that the human species has left very little untouched on this world. There are no places for us to be left alone, so we will be in that community in that city and in that state. We are becoming more organized and united for this moment is our time to become known and dispel the misconceptions about us. We have become more open in such forums as computer web sites and in our neighborhoods. This is our risk, but we will see it through, for we want others to know about the true vampire.

This article is presented as part of an ongoing effort to present other views outside of, as well as within, the online vampire community. As such, the views and attitudes contained in this article are entirely those of the author(s), and may not necessarily be shared by SphynxCatVP. The webmaster is not under obligation to update or otherwise keep current the contents of this article. Most importantly, only you can decide for yourself whether this article or any of the author(s) other views are useful or applicable to you - use your own reasoning and judgment.

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