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Roleplayers, Overlords and Other Fake Vampires
Anonymous S

The original site this came from is long gone, so this has been rescued from the Wayback Machine.
The views here are those of the author, and are presented for archival purposes.
I have made layout changes, but otherwise left the grammar alone. ~Sphynx


The structure of the human mind is complicated enough not to have allowed psychology ever to become a "hard science" as for instance mathematics. Everything leaves room to exceptions and interpretations. But sometimes, basic tendencies can be explained. Also, when it comes to trying to explain why some people try to be a vampire by any means or simply pretend to be one.


Roleplaying games have always been an attractive method to escape the daily life. There is a great variety of games that are available to the consumer. Among them Vampire: The Masquerade by WhiteWolf.

V:tM vampires are quite attractive figures. They are highly sexual attractive, have superhuman powers and are in every way desirable. And most of all: misunderstood creatures. The game is based upon gang wars, corruption and the vampires daily struggle not to lose his humanity.

This taken together assumes a beautiful and pathetic picture of a person which has to fight against all odds, even himself in order not to lose his path in this strange and evil world. This picture is attractive mostly to those who well want to accumulate the beauty of the image, yet are not willing to go the step towards claiming having lost touch with humanity. Being a martyr-like tragic hero is still something different than being a predatory creature.


One phenomenon that seems to be unavoidable both on the web as well as in the realm of real life is someone suddenly approaching the unsuspecting person suddenly claiming that he is centuries old and knows all the hidden secrets one longs for. Usually, this person claims immortality at least and tries to persuade others into being an evil overlord who wants to reclaim his right to world rulership at best.

Many of the here mentioned vampire characters base on the concept of immortality. Immortality is also usually one of the major traits that get named by vampire wannabes (people stalking vampires begging them to turn them into vampires as well). What is there behind immortality?

People who claim immortality for themselves usually never claim to be young still. Usually they claim centuries of age, if not millennia in some cases. So obviously, the desire for immortality which is inherent both in the wannabe and the claimer is a hidden desire for being wise, knowledgeable and in any other way "better" than the one he is presenting his image to, especially in combination with other superhuman claims.

It is easy to conclude from this that those people are trying to compensate their lacks by an artificial cover up in the shape of the vampire. It is not so much the beauty of the creature they are trying to emulate, but rather its superiority to mankind, or what they interpret as it.


In the Gothic scene, the vampire has his very special and unique status. It is a figure representing a very special form of Gothicism that is directly related to the middle of the 19th century. Besides the vampire, things like Victorian clothing, authors like Lord Byron, E.A. Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and occult authors like A. Crowley are highly recommended. The whole flair of this scene is highly "romantic" in a special sense, aristocratic and full of fantasy.

In this context, the vampire is presented as the mythological figure we all know from films like the "Dracula" series with Christopher Lee, the vampire soap opera "Dark Shadows" or writings like "Carmilla" by Sheridan Le Fanu and the like.

This mythological vampire has his own attractiveness. He is aristrocratic, attractive, has good manners and is a supernatural being which again can fly, shapeshift and burns in the sun or at the sight of holy symbols. It is the perfection of the "beautiful evil". A picture adored in this scene, thus often imitated in appearance and lifestyle.


Anne Rice has gained much fame among vampire lovers by her novels "The Chronicles of the Vampire" which consists of four books of which one has been seen as a movie in the cinemas under the title "Interview with the Vampire". In this series of novels, the vampire has been presented in a slightly variated form. Since this time the least he is not regarded as the foul and hideous creatures like the "Nosferatu" which was presented in a film from the early 1920´s. He has become quite human. He lost his unlikely traits such as the affection to holy symbols, the shapeshifting and the ability to fly. Yet, he is still a supernatural being, neither dead nor alive. He is still supernaturally enabled and affected by the sunlight, but he has made a great step into reality. A person that could be nearly everyones neighbor, just with a strong tendency to avoid the sunlight.

This vampire presented has a great advantage against his comerades from the RPG and the older times. He is much more human in comparison, much less easy to detect and much more likely to be "among us". The VRI insitute made a poll on vampires and the possibility of their existance. When it came to the C. Lee type, nearly noone believed that he could exist in this form. When it came to the Ricean type, more than 50% thought he might exist. The poll was made among vampire enthusiasts.


There are and have always been people who were fascinated with vampires for their whole lifes. Ever since the vampire has been presented in fiction and mythology, he had an alluring character which ranged from true evil to desperate seeker. In every case, he offered the instable mind a possibility to escape from reality, either through fiction or - as nowadays - even through roleplay.

Especially in the field of RPG, there is only a small step from fiction to reality. It is easy to lose sight for where the real character ends and the fictional character begins as the presented clans offer choice from all fields of human interest such as arts, politics, magic and the like. Those who might seek comfort in RPG from daily life are not generally endangered, but there might be persons who need to be shown real perspectives in their real lifes in order to show that reality might be still attractive enough to live it instead escape it so that there is no need to lose oneself in the idea of being a vampire.

The same goes for all the other types as well. No matter which vampire a person tries to present, in all cases it assumes to be a case of someone not being sufficed with ones own existance and abilities. The charming and alluring character of the fictional vampire, no matter if presented in the mythological or the modern style, can never be a substitute for ones own life. Rather it can cause severe problems such as psychosomatic problems that indeed assume to the problems real vampires have. But in most cases, it causes an affection for things no real vampire would even think of reacting to, such as garlic and crosses. It becomes even more dangerous when it comes to the belief in supernatural powers. I met a man who claimed to be able to fly. I do not know if he was really convinced of his belief or if he just wanted to put himself into the limelight of the Gothic scene, but one can easily see where the crackpoint is.

I will not deny that even some of the people who have been fascinated with vampires might actually be some. But according to the fact that fake vampires, or rather folkloristic vampires as I tend to call them - have developed their symptomatic from their early affection, it gives the researcher, mortal and vampire alike, a hard time to distinguish how serious and if serious, how realistic a person is about his claims.

This article is presented as part of an ongoing effort to present other views outside of, as well as within, the online vampire community. As such, the views and attitudes contained in this article are entirely those of the author(s), and may not necessarily be shared by SphynxCatVP. The webmaster is not under obligation to update or otherwise keep current the contents of this article. Most importantly, only you can decide for yourself whether this article or any of the author(s) other views are useful or applicable to you - use your own reasoning and judgment.

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