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Back in 2005, Something Awful profiled this site. Along with the expected hate mail and such that SA goons tend to bring, I received a few gems that i wanted to share. Names are removed to protect privacy.

Oct 20, 2005

I must send you this letter of thanks! I really enjoyed your site and will continue to return to it for more information! It was a wonderful visit!

Would you recommend this site?
Yes, without hesitation - It was very informative and enjoyable!

Aug 28, 2005

Hello, I am a goon at Something and I just wanted to tell you that I think you have handled yourself in a very respectible way to all the negative attention somethingawful has brought to you. You have struck me as very intelligent and mature, something I wish I could say about all of my fellow forum mates. I've actually learned a thing of two about myself by reading your site. Things I did that I didn't realize I do, or thought I was crazy for...I guess I just wanted to tell you, even though SA has heaped some annoying people on you the last few days, someone did get something out of it. So thank you.

Would you recommend this site?
Yes, without hesitation

Aug 27, 2005

I'm one of the people who came through the Something Awful website. Usually an "awful site" is one that is poorly designed or just in bad taste. A little unusual, occasionally, but your site surprised me...You've made vampirism (a topic that is covered in preconceptions, glamour and pagentry) out to be nothing more than what someone is supposed to be, rather than some fantasy life. Which is as it should be. If you're not hurting anyone else then it shouldn't be an issue, especially if it's something that has a strong effect on you and your daily life.

Of course, with any activity, a person must be properly informed in order to avoid hurting others. Your site provides an outlet for people to get support and a clearinghouse for information that prevents major disruptions in people's lives. I'm not very good with words, but I have a profound amount of respect for people who are willing to risk themselves in order to help others who might be too afraid of backlash to seek help that is only found through the most obscure paths.

Though it might not be much, you do have this SA reader's respect. I hope you have much success in teaching people what to do with the path that they're on.

Would you recommend this site?
Undecided / Neutral - It's bookmarked, and if anyone I know of ever needs this sort of thing I will direct them here. I just don't know of anyone who might, which is why I marked 'neutral'. You have excellent, thorough information.

Aug 27, 2005

As a longtime reader of Something Awful, I have seen many reactions from featured sites, and I have to say that yours is among the very best. You're alright, Sphinxcat; don't ever lose that sense of humor.

Would you recommend this site?
Probably / Most Likely - I like seeing the many and varied lifestyles that people choose (or are forced to accept); it keeps my own rather mundane life in perspective.

Jul 27, 2005

I just wanted to say that I really love your website. It gets to the heart and helps the community at large instead of just feeding others egos, or saying I am a better vampire than you. or My house is better than yours.. I really feel that most of the groups that are out there need a reality check. This is a down to earth site and I am grateful for it. The facts are all that is needed for most of us. It is not a popularity contest or about being on a power trip. It is about being real and accepting yourself and loving yourself for who and what you are. Most want to belong to something because of their own hangups and feelings of lonliness. Power is not what it is about and that is what I feel most want.. They truly dont care about the individual needs of the community. Well anyway I didnt mean to rant. I am sorry. I just wanted to say that I love what you have done here.

Would you recommend this site?
Yes, without hesitation - Great content and facts on real vampirism and stays away from politics and needless bullshit!

Jul 5, 2005

I just wanted to say thanks for publishing all of these articles. The site is very informative, and I hope it will benefit many who wish to know if they are or just generally want to know about the vampiric real world. There are so many misconceptions, and as you know it's hard being something that people don't generally understand- holding it in awe or fear. Thanks, again and good luck.

Would you recommend this site?
Yes, without hesitation - It is informative and does not hide the truth, nor try to sugar coat it with romantic ideas, or with horror. Just straight facts.

Mar 25, 2005

I don't really have much to say except that I enjoyed your site and have learned about people that I only thought existed in movies and books. I am uncertain if I myself am awakening or am just having some weird health problems (more likely the latter) that happen to correspond to some of your featured postings, but some of the tips I have read have done me some good. I hope that you continue this site for the good of many out there.

Would you recommend this site?
Yes, without hesitation - You have created a very informative, yet interesting site that can actually be of some use to certain individuals in this cold and discriminating world.

Feb 26, 2005

I found your website by accident, read a few articles on it and found it interesting - and if I may say so - amusing (style wise!). I especially liked the penmanship and style of the person who wrote the informative articles for such things as 'Am I a vampire' and similar. Nicely written, brought a smile to my face in the wee hours of the morning, thanks!

Generally speaking, I did find your site intriguing and enlightening in many ways, for which I thank you. You've done quite a job in putting all the information into one, neat package. Keep up the good work!

Would you recommend this site?
Probably / Most Likely - It was quite informative and certainly lays out lots of guidelines for any wanna-bes and other interested parties...Nicely written with a twinkle in one's eye in some portions.



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