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For those who may wonder what I've actually written on this site...
Published in print.
means this article (or a varient of it) has been published in a book.

Articles Primarily Intended For The Media

FAQ: Doing a Term Paper/Report/Article...
FAQ: Doing a TV/Radio Documentary/Show
FAQ: Notes For Interviewers
FAQ: What Do Real Vampires Look Like?
FAQ: Why We Use The Term "Mundane"
FAQ: Why We Prefer To Stay In The Shadows

Blood Vampire Issues

Blood Substitions (a compilation of methods)
Bloodborne Diseases
Bloodletting Tools
Controlling the Beast
Getting Blood From A Steak

Donor Isssues

Bloodletting Process & Safety Tips
Eligility & Blood Testing [for blood donation agencies]

Overview of (mundane) blood donation process
What is Hypovolemia?

Energy/Psi Vampire Issues

Controlling Energy Draining
Psifeeding: Sources, Perception & Draining of Energy Published in print.

General Vampire Issues

Can I Control or Supress It?
Donor/Vampire Relations 101
Donor/Vampire Contract
OK, Now What? (Learning To Cope)

FAQ: Are Vampires Real?
FAQ: Characteristics / Misconceptions
FAQ: Dark Rings Around the Iris
FAQ: Doctrines & Beliefs, Oh My
FAQ: Egyptian Vampires???
FAQ: Joining a House, Church or Other Organization Published in print.
FAQ: Overview of Origin Theories

Health & Medical Issues

Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome -- NEW
Anemia Overview
Abdominal Pain -- NEW
Basic Digestion Advice
Basic Nutritional Regimen Published in print.
Causes of Photosensitivity
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -- NEW
Circadian Rhythms Overview -- NEW
Dealing with Photosensitivity: General -- NEW
Dealing with Photosensitivity: Sunscreens -- NEW
Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome -- NEW
Digestive / GI Problems: Disease Processes -- NEW
Digestive / GI Problems: Transient Issues -- NEW
Fibromyalgia -- NEW
Food Allergies
Food Poisoning
Insomnia Basics
Iron & Iron Deficiency: Why most people *aren't* deficient -- NEW
Irregular Sleep-Wake Syndrome -- NEW
Keeping That Youthful Appearance As You Get Older
Joint Pain Overview
Malnutrition: Protein Deficiency -- NEW
Nightshades and Arthritis -- NEW
Non-24 Sleep-Wake Syndrome -- NEW
Nutritional Regimin, Basic
Pica Basics -- NEW
Porphyria -- NEW
Reducing Sun Poisoning & UV Damage
Shift Work Sleep Disorder -- NEW
Stomach Troubles
Thyroid Disease 101 -- NEW
Vitamin D Deficiency -- NEW

Psi/Energy Issues (Non-vampiric)

Claim Your Space, Dammit!
Empathy 101
Empathic Filters
Grounding/Centering 101
Group Magick and Egregores -- NEW
Shielding 101: What IS Shielding, Anyway?
Shielding 201: Basic Principles
Shielding 301: Overview of Shielding Techniques




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