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We really should *not* have to go through this...but...some of us have 'net access at work and don't want embarrassing questions later about what sites we've chosen to visit through the work shift if we've decided to go web cruising on a shared computer.

The following information relates to my philosophy of "Erase history, fire the temps and eat the cookies" - this is a mnemonic (memory trick) for remembering where to look to erase 'net traces.

Note that this does NOT get rid of the "master logs" - like a URL list cross-referenced by userid or machine's IP address - that most companies keep of folks visiting places like porn sites - those are typically kept on a separate server, and monitored by some internal IT department. This only affects what's physically stored on the computer YOU are using. So, be smart and only hit the porn from home... Don't give them something that they have to *really* crack down on, learn to blend in, and you won't have to worry about hearing questions that you don't want to answer from people you REALLY don't want to be "out of the coffin" to. This is just common sense.

As I learn more of what files get put where, this file will be added to in the future. Keep checking now and then.

More current information can be found over here.

Heads up kids - Consumer Firewall Alert:
Some consumer level firewalls are now coming with log features to track which machine goes to what website. Following the instructions on this page WILL NOT CLEAR THOSE LOGS! So be warned.

You can also check out these links if what I have isn't enough to help:


Look in the following directories, and delete the contents
The good news is that Win2000 does NOT appear to save your stuff from any of these directories in any OTHER directories. I have admin access to the box I'm using, I was able to look and verify this. However, be aware of any unusual setup policies in your workplace...if they set something up different from the default (suprisingly easy to do with Win2K...) then the above may not apply!

  • C:\Documents and Settings\ [Your Login] \Local Settings\Temp
  • C:\Documents and Settings\ [Your Login] \Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
  • C:\Documents and Settings\ [Your Login] \Cookies
  • C:\Documents and Settings\ [Your Login] \Recent


Look in the following directories, and delete the contents:
Because WinNT4x stores copies of everything from your login in the base C:WINNT directories I listed below, you may need admin access to the machine in order to clear all of them out.

  • C:WINNT\Profiles\ [your login] \Recent\
  • C:WINNT\Profiles\ [your login] \History\
  • C:WINNT\Profiles\ [your login] \Cookies\
  • C:WINNT\Temporary Internet Files\
  • C:WINNT\Web\
  • C:WINNT\Cookies\
  • C:WINNT\History\
  • C:WINNT\Recent\
  • C:TEMP\


Look in the following directories, and delete the contents:

  • C:WINDOWS\Cookies
  • C:WINDOWS\Temp
  • C:WINDOWS\History
  • C:WINDOWS\Recent
  • C:WINDOWS\Web\


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