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Bravenet: The form is what I'm actually using. They have a LOT of other tools as well; if you're on a host that doesn't allow various scripted tools, check out Bravenet.

Google: The language tools may not cover many languages, but do appear to be very thorough for the ones it does cover. It does claim to be in "beta" status, though. (For those who are unfamiliar with software development terms, "beta" usually means that it's not quite complete and/or there's probably still bugs.)


Vyrdolak: who's site originally started me on this path, and who's Checklist is, er, was (she doesn't have it on her site anymore) The Best Thing to print out and hand to people just to see their reaction. ::grins::

Sanguinarius: who's site was next on the path and is pretty damned comprehensive :) as well as the inspiration for my eventually getting off my ass and getting this put up in the first place. :)

Caelia: For helping me with rewording things when I have nasty cases of writer's block.

All the newbie folks in chat: who kept asking the tons of questions newbies would normally ask (and who I have to keep telling "No, you're not being stupid" - really, you aren't being stupid!) and who's questions *will* make it into a some sort of real FAQ... someday...

All the regulars in chat: (You know who you are!) who were there most of the time (Okay, so my online hours tend to suck) but who were people I could talk to that didn't think I was nuts, and didn't go "eeew, gross!" ::sigh:: It's not the same as live-in-person, but every little bit helps.

All the folks on the message boards: who remind me why I started this site, and who give me the occasional needed inspiration. :)


MailTo: Claude Desjardins: The corner sphinx head logo came from a web template set he did. I changed it ONLY by making it greyscale from the original full color. It is otherwise unchanged, and the copyright remains his.

Cool Archive home of a bunch of free graphics and, unfortunately, a bunch of popup ads too. :( But, this is where the pawprint, pin, and blob came from. I had to play with them a little, to render them usable on a dark background.


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