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I have designed this site so that even people who are visually handicapped or color blind to one degree or another will still be able to read this site. I use a dark background for the benefit of folks using WebTV/AOL-TV, where it's well-known that you get better visibility on a television set with a dark background and light text. I have listed below some useful tips if you have difficulty reading this, or any other site.

  • Internet Explorer 5.x to present - you'll find them under Tools in the menu bar at the top of your browser screen.
    • Click Tools
    • Click Internet Options
    • Click Accessibility    see picture
    • Put a checkmark in the boxes for the features you want to use - whether it's for not using colors, fonts, and/or font sizes.
  • Internet Explorer 4.x - look underEdit instead of tools for the same screens.

I don't have screenshots and instructions yet for other browsers.


I have added the use of cascading style sheets (often referred to just as "CSS") to this site. However, there is minimal impact on the site, and they are designed to also degrade easily in older browsers - The layout is still using plain HTML as are the font colors. The only thing the style sheets cover is the font type, size, and a tweak on the scrollbar. If your browser does not support style sheets, or you have them turned off, functionality and layout are unchanged. The fonts will just look ugly. The advantage this gives me is that the pages will be a little smaller, and hopefully take a little less time to load.


My site design is WebTV/AOL-TV friendly, AND has the added bonus of being easier to read for people who are photosensitive (which, unsurprisingly, is most of the audience this site is intended for.). I refer you to this passage from Web Design In A Nutshell by Jennifer Niederst, published by O'Reilly for an explanation of why:

"WebTV uses a television rather than a monitor as a display device...Principles for designing legible television graphics apply, such as the use of light text on dark backgrounds rather than vice versa and the avoidance of any elements less than 2 pixels in width."


If you have color vision difficulties, you may turn any background graphics off, if I happen to be using any at the present time. Everything else is geared to be visible white and yellow (with some light blue highlights) on a black background, and have sufficient contrast, which should cover the color blindness problems I've seen mentioned on other sites.

If you normally have difficulty reading sites (not just this one) because of their colors, have you had a color blindness test? Approximately 1 in 12 males and 1 in 25 females have some form of color blindness, whether mild or severe.

Is the brightness of your monitor turned up? If so, is the monitor old and/or just plain dying?

Have you taken off your sunglasses? :)


I am committed to keeping the site quick and easy for anyone to access. This is why I shun frames, Java, and other "advanced" 'Net Nightmares that reduce speed and accessibility. So that means you will find:

  • No Comet Cursor (CC is evil and should never ever EVER be used...)
  • No Java
  • No navigation-dependent Javascript
  • No frames (and now each main navigation page has a way to escape from frames!)
  • No pop-up windows
  • No rotating banner advertisements
  • No embedded sound files
  • No cookies (Exception: counter cookies from Hitbox, Bravent and Google)

I have attempted to design this site so that any desktop computer browser, even text-only browsers, can make use of it. Be warned, however, I am using a lot of tables. Please let me know if you have problems. Pages have been tested to be viewable and understandable at any "standard" PC-type screen resolution (640x480 on up). Granted, it will look better on the bigger ones, but then most pages do. However, it's not mandatory to have a larger screen size. If anyone has display problems with their browser (due to my use of lists and tables to control the layout) PLEASE let me know the following:

  • Which operating system (Windows, Mac, etc) and version
  • Which browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc)
  • What version of your browser (Usually found under "Help" --> "About")
  • Which page(s) are displaying improperly
  • Which section(s), if it's only part of the page(s)


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