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Stop SOPA, the Internet Blacklist Bill (What's the big deal? Read more)
How SOPA can ruin ANYONE with ANY web-based business
SOPA and the average american internet user
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Real Vampire Community Campaign for
Personal Safety & Privacy Awareness



This is a support site by and for real vampires, those knowing someone who might be a real vampire, or even someone who's wondering why there's a real vampire website in the first place. Contained within the pages of this site is valuable support information for real vampires as well as an ever-growing collection of medical information to remind people not to ignore their health either.

Just remember, the world hasn't really changed, only your perspective of it...


Each of you are free to decide for yourselves how you will live your life and, if desired, contribute to the vampiric community. Therefore, I have made a point of collecting articles representing various viewpoints - not just my own - throughout the community, in an effort to present a more balanced persepctive of real vampirism. This site is truly by and for real vampires, with articles, guides, an IRC channel and links to even more resources and ways to interact.

Also included is a growing collection of valuable information based upon medical and scientific research to help promote awareness of both causes and mundane treatments for various issues, both those often incorrectly attributed to vampirism, and those caused by the real thing.


What you have suffered is wrong. It is wrong for anyone to hit you or harass you, or to make you hate yourself for being different, whether or not you consider yourself a vampire. As difficult as it is to cope with the widely accepted stereotypes and misconceptions, it is wrong for you to have to live in fear of physical violence and harassment. You are not crazy for being in pain or confused, and do not deserve to be treated like this. There is help.

You don't have to "Play Politics" or join a house/order/group/etc. in order to learn.

I am not, nor have I ever been, nor do I ever plan to be, part of a clan, religion, "secret society", "house", "order", lifestyler or roleplaying group. You don't need to be either, to find the answers you seek. Never feel you have to join a group to get the answers - you will have much better luck and have much less harassment or potential embarrassment if you stay on your own to learn.

You are not alone!


While this site deals with vampires, it contains no 'adult entertainment' of any kind. The subject matter, however, is recommended for those with a mature mind as it does deal with subjects of an adult nature - occult, vampirism, piercing, bloodletting, and so on.

I personally would rate this site around PG-13, since it lacks the willful violence and other situations I usually see in NC-17 and R rated films. I really do NOT think this site is appropriate for MOST people under age 13, however I recognize maturity can happen - or not - at any age. So, therefore, you have been warned. :)

If you repost an article of mine elsewhere, please do let me know where it's posted. I like to see how far and wide my articles travel. :)

By navigating this site, you agree that you are of a mature enough mind, and open-minded enough, to not be offended. If you get offended, you agree to either close your browser or find something else to look at. I am not forcing you to browse this site. Because I realize this information will not appeal to everyone, I certainly will not be offended if a vampire website turns out to be something you don't like. :) (And for the wise-ass surfers from places like the Portal of Evil or Something Awful websites, this disclaimer section has been on my site since late 1999, well before I was listed in POE or SA. It's not a "new" addition, and nobody "got to me" about it - I just think rationally. Nyaa.) You also agree not to steal/borrow/repost/etc anything on this site without first getting permission of the appropriate copyright holder(s). (Some of us do like to know where our articles are going!)

SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page.
Up and running (in various places) since July 28 1999.
SphynxCat ~Note: Spam WILL be reported!~
Compilation © 1999 - Present by SphynxCat/SphynxCatVP.
Articles copyrighted by the respective author(s).
Reposting items without express permission of copyright holder(s) is hereby forbidden.

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